Abby Huntsman Pregnant With Twins, ‘The View’ Co-Host Reveals Big News

Noam GalaiGetty Images for Global Citizen

The View co-host Abby Huntsman is pregnant, and she has just revealed that she and her husband Jeffrey Livingston are adding twins to their family. The two already have one daughter and now in a matter of months, they’ll become a family of five.

People shares that Huntsman, 32, knew almost immediately that something was different with this pregnancy. Abby and husband Jeffrey’s daughter Isabel Grace is 13-months-old, so the View co-host doesn’t have to dig too deep to remember the early days of her first pregnancy.

Huntsman says that she felt sick almost immediately with this pregnancy, whereas she wasn’t sick with Isabel until about two months into that pregnancy. Abby admits that she was initially worried that something was wrong, but she soon learned just why her hormones were in overdrive as she has twins on the way.

Abby is the daughter of former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. and Mary Kaye Huntsman, and she says they laughed when she shared the news with them that she is expecting twins. The former Fox & Friends co-host says she doesn’t have any close relatives who are twins, often a sign of an increased possibility of conceiving twins.

While Huntsman’s parents laughed, the View co-host admits that her husband Jeffrey fainted. They’re both excited, but it definitely came as a surprise to both of them. The two conceived twins naturally, without any fertility treatments, she notes.

For New Year’s Eve, Huntsman took to her Instagram page to usher out 2018 and embrace 2019. She shared a handful of photos, several featuring Isabel, and noted that the past year was filled with exciting new chapters, bittersweet goodbyes, new friends, and old friends.

Now that Abby has gone public with the news that she is expecting twins, it’s easy to see how she might be especially excited about the new year that’s now beginning. Huntsman says that very few people knew about the pregnancy until now, but she had filled in both Meghan McCain and Whoopi Goldberg, her View co-hosts.

Huntsman didn’t reveal her specific due date or how far along she is in this pregnancy. However, she mentioned how Isabel will be a big sister in a few months and she does reference being in a more fun stage of the pregnancy after the tough first few months.

Congratulations go out to Abby Huntsman and her family on the big news that they’re welcoming twins to the family! The View fans will be excited to follow along on this journey as the co-host shares pregnancy updates in the months ahead.