Kelly Brook Defends Airbrushed Photos Amid Jameela Jamil's Photoshop Ban Rant

Trisha Faulkner

Kelly Brook has decided to defend her right to Photoshop her photos in the wake of a very public social media rant from Jameela Jamil about the consequences of Photoshop in the media and what it does to women and their expectations of themselves.

While Brook admittedly understands Jamil's point of view, she also understands the feeling of needing to airbrush and doctor photos to feel comfortable posting them on social media.

"I did it because I thought I was fat," the 39-year-old plus-size model explained during an exclusive interview with Metro.

According to Brook, the sudden changes in her body took a huge toll on her self-esteem and photoshopping helped her regain her confidence and dignity.

"You can't help how you feel. When you've grown up looking a certain way you've always been thin, you've always had curves and people have looked at you as having this perfect body. All of a sudden you're not looking how you've always looked you think people are only going to like you if you looked a certain way."

In addition to her changes in diet and exercise, Kelly is also using SlimFast Advance Vitality 4 in 1 as a component in her weight loss journey and says that it has helped her make great progress.

Metro also brought up the fact that Jameel had recently called out celebrities who shamelessly plug dangerous weight loss products that most of them don't even use.

In response, Brook made sure to let fans know that she would never be a celebrity who would lend her name to products or brands she had no experience with in exchange for money or freebies.

The beauty celeb has been very outspoken about her belief that natural dieting and exercising are the keys to losing weight. She has also revealed that while she has received multiple offers from plastic surgeons for free procedures in exchange for advertisement, Brook believes surgery is "too extreme" for her.