Stanley Tucci Says Hayley Atwell Will Have A Cameo In ‘Captain America’ Sequel

Although Stanley Tucci won’t appear in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the actor said Hayley Atwell is slated for a cameo in the upcoming sequel.

This is certainly news to fans of the superhero flick. During a recent interview, Atwell said she wouldn’t appear in the follow-up. Unless Tucci is severely mistaken, it would seem the actress will have a part in the flick after all.

When Collider asked the actor if he would be returning for any flashback sequences, Tucci let it slip that Atwell would be making a cameo.

He said:

“No, they haven’t, unfortunately. I’m really sad. I know that Hayley is going back to do a flashback scene, but I have not been asked.”

Stanley Tucci spoke very highly of his experience on Captain America during his chat with the website. He added:

“I loved making that movie. I had a great time. I really like Joe Johnston. I think he’s a wonderful director. I also love the look of the film, and the tone of the film, and the character was great. I was thrilled to be able to play that.

During an interview with Timeout last month, Atwell confirmed that she would not return for The Winter Soldier. Since the movie is set in present day, incorporating her character into the modern storyline would prove difficult.


Earlier this month, The Inquisitr reported that Emily VanCamp of Revenge fame would be brought in as Captain America’s love interest for the sequel.

The film’s plot has been officially described as follows:

“As Steve Rogers continues his affiliation with S.H.I.E.L.D and struggles to embrace his role in the modern world, he’s reunited with James ‘Bucky’ Barnes, who is now brainwashed Russian assassin known as the ‘Winter Soldier.’ “

Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens in the US on April 4.