What Was This Couple Doing In The Background Of ABC’s New Year’s Eve Coverage? The Internet Has Some Ideas

John LamparskiGetty Images

One brazen couple may have gotten a really, really good start to the new year.

A viral video circulating across social media appeared to many to show a couple not-so-inconspicuously having sex in the crowd during ABC’s New Year’s Eve coverage. The clip from Dick Clark’s New Year’s RockinEve showed a man standing directly behind a woman as they danced very, very closely during the festivities about 25 minutes before calendar turned to 2019. The clip made the rounds on Twitter and was shared on Reddit, where it generated plenty of debate over exactly what was happening.

Many people who thought the couple were having sex noted that at least one onlooker appeared to be shocked, though most of the people in the crowd — including those standing closest to the couple — didn’t seem to notice anything at all. That led many to think that the clip wasn’t showing anything other than two people dancing in the new year, albeit a little closely.

Others thought they may have simply been getting really into the festivities or were possibly under the influence of something a little stronger than soda.

“They also seem to be a little to far apart to do it and the motions wouldn’t work well,” one person commented on Reddit.

But across social media, there was still plenty of debate. Many even took to the internet in real time on New Year’s Eve to comment on what they believed they saw.

This is not the first time that a (possibly) lewd pubic act has gotten viral attention. Back in 2015, a picture of a couple getting a little too close at the Veld festival in Toronto made the rounds on social media. Like what many believe they saw in the New Year’s Eve clip, the couple used the cover of the crowd to commit a lewd act.

Earlier that same year, a photo showed a couple engaged in a sex act at a Dead Kennedys concert in California. This incident took place in full view of the crowd, prompting 10News to question whether charges would be brought against the couple.

As the report noted, concertgoers were shocked to see what was happening.

“This was something definitely different to see at a punk concert,” said one concertgoer in an interview with 10News. The man added that the couple eventually stopped after a few songs, once people stopped paying attention to them.

As for the couple seen in the viral video from ABC’s New Year’s Eve coverage, there’s still no definitive answer about exactly what was happening, but they certainly seemed to be enjoying themselves.