Kim Kardashian Wears An Elegant See-Through Dress To ‘Serve Some Looks In 2019’

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The wait is finally over for Kim Kardashian’s fans who had been eagerly waiting to see a new picture of the star at the beginning of the new year.

On Tuesday evening, the 38-year-old bombshell took to her Instagram and treated her 123 million followers to a new picture where she is featured getting her hair done by her stylist. Kim wore an elegant-looking long, white dress with a knee-high slit. The gorgeous dresses sparkled while simultaneously providing a good view of Kim’s famous posterior because of its see-through finish. Kim completed her look with a pair of transparent high-heeled pumps.

The picture in question garnered more than 549,000 likes and close to 25,00 comments at the time of writing this article, wherein fans and followers thanked Kimberly for sharing her new look with them. Others, per usual, left complimentary remarks for the reality star and praised her for her beauty and hourglass figure.

“Best looking woman in the world,” one of her fans wrote on the picture. “She’s beautiful, the whole family is so beautiful!” another person commented. Another devoted fan called KK a “brilliant ray of light, who illuminates even the darkest night and who brightens every lonely face,” and encouraged her to “shine on.”

Pointing to Kim’s outfit, one person said that it is “the best outfit EVER MADE!” and added that it would probably be “super, super expensive.”

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Ready to serve some looks in 2019

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While most of the comments focused on Kim’s beauty, there were a few hate comments too that called Kim’s body fake and accused her of propagating false standards of beauty through plastic surgery. Other fans, however, came to Kim’s rescue and argued that a person should do whatever makes them happy.

Some people also went completely off topic and dragged Kim’s husband Kanye West into the comments section and shamed her for marrying him. According to a report by XXL Magazine, Kanye came under fire on Tuesday, January 1, after he sent a series of political tweets to reaffirm his support for President Donald Trump. Among other tweets, Kanye wrote “Trump all day,” which didn’t settle well with those who don’t support Mr. Trump.

“[Sic] Your husband is a sociopath,” one person commented. “What you should do is serve some divorce paper to your husband cuz he’s clearly lost his damn mind,” another one suggested Kim.

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One fan, however, came for Kim’s support and said that she should not be dragged into the matter because Kanye, like everyone else, is entitled to his own opinion.

“People be nice. The comments about [Kanye, who is] a husband [and] a father, are not cool. He has children and family who loves him dearly. Be nice, please. Let’s not spread hate this year.”