Here’s The Archaeological Discoveries You Need To Look Out For In 2019

Over the course of 2018, there were many awesome archaeological discoveries made. In fact, in the last few weeks of 2018, news of many archaeological discoveries from the past year was announced. Amongst these announcements was the discovery of a Georgian ice house in London, two perfectly preserved 1,700-year-old Roman stone busts found in Israel, the discovery of a 4,400-year-old high priest’s tomb in Egypt, and a small figurine of the Celtic horned god Cernunnos that was dated to the 2nd century was found. All of which were reported on by the Inquisitr.

Now, looking forward to 2019, there are plenty more anticipated discoveries to be made across the world.

According to Live Science, these are the best archaeological discoveries people should be looking forward to in 2019.

Great Pyramid Void

While the great pyramid void has already been discovered, it is expected that more will be learned about this “so-called grand gallery inside the Great Pyramid of Giza” in 2019. This void is believed to be the “hallway that leads to the sarcophagus of Pharaoh Khufu” and is more than 98 feet (30 meters) long and was discovered in 2017.

However, while the discovery was made two years ago, it is still unclear as to what the void really is. Theories include a “closed-off ancient construction corridor, a hidden burial chamber or a series of small chambers,” according to Live Science.

As further tests are being undertaken, results can be expected sometime in 2019.

Khufu Papyri

Archaeologists discovered papyri in Wadi al-Jarf, by the Red Sea, that is believed to be 4,500-years-old and dates “back to the reign of Khufu, the pharaoh who built the Great Pyramid.” Among the papyri was discovered a logbook from an inspector named Merer in which he detailed the building of the Great Pyramid.

So far, only a part of this papyri has been translated and 2019 might be the year in which more is discovered about this remarkable find.

A New Cave Near Qumran

For those who are fascinated by the Dead Sea Scrolls, it is anticipated that further caves may be discovered near the location of these famous scrolls. Already, in 2017 and 2018, further caves have been discovered in Qumran that saw evidence of looting. So, while no additional scrolls were discovered, archaeologists continue to scour the area as part of a project that is aiming to discover remaining artifacts in the Judean Desert.

The Dead Sea Scrolls are the remnants of 900 texts so far which have been discovered in 12 caves in the area near Qumran. It is believed that a sect called the Essenes wrote these scrolls.

Immense Hoard Of Tablets From Lost City In Iraq

These tablets were seized in 2018 from the retail chain, Hobby Lobby, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. The massive hoard consists of 1,400 tablets from the lost city of Irisagrig. While looters appear to know the location of this lost city, archaeologists do not and there is the hope that among these tablets, clues may be garnered which will finally reveal this secret location.

Lost Easter Eggs Of The Czars

The jewelry company Faberge is known to have crafted “about 50 ornately decorated Easter eggs for the Russian royal family.” However, thanks to the Russian revolution, some of these eggs went missing.

According to Live Science, documentation discovered in 2017 revealed that some of these missing eggs may have made their way to the U.S. via “two massive hoards of art and antiques were sent to New Orleans from the Soviet Union and Turkey in 1991 and 1992.” If this is the case, these eggs will likely be in the hands of private collectors now. However, Live Science predicts that some of these private collectors may reveal their stash of Faberge eggs in 2019.

In addition, as the BBC points out, the recent heatwave in Wales has revealed up to 200 new ancient sites that can be explored in 2019. So, for those who are interested in U.K. history, this will likely be the focus of their searches in 2019 pertaining to archaeological discoveries.

Of course, on top of these anticipated archaeological digs, there is also likely to be many unexpected discoveries as archaeologists continue to scour the world for new finds.