‘SNL’ Alum Jane Curtin Says Her New Year’s Resolution Is To ‘Make Sure The Republican Party Dies’

Amanda EdwardsGetty Images

New Year’s Day means new year’s resolutions, with millions across the world deciding on the goals they will spend the next 365 days working towards.

During CNN’s New Year’s Eve show that aired on Monday, December 31, The Hill reported that a number of celebrities from actors to pop stars offered their resolutions for 2019.

Singer Ashlee Simpson shared that she will “focus on love…and positivity” during the new year while HBO star Lena Dunham vowed to “kiss more gay men on the lips consensually.” Actress Patricia Arquette simply resolved to “stop caring about New Year’s resolutions” altogether.

Saturday Night Live alum Jane Curtin also made an appearance during the segment, though her new year’s resolution had a political leaning unlike the rest of the stars that shared their goals for the coming year.

While wearing a bold pink blazer against a background of towering sky scrapers, the Conehead actress told the network’s viewers that her resolution for the new year was “to make sure the Republican party dies.”

The clip went viral shortly after its airing, and social media has been buzzing throughout the first day of the year with reactions to Curtin’s 2019 goal to assist in the demise of the GOP.

“Wakes up, checks Twitter, sees that Jane Curtin is trending, sees why, feels happy that 2019 already has its first hero,” Vulture reporter and author Mark Harris wrote on his Twitter account this morning.

“I’m making Jane Curtin my spirit animal for 2019,” user @girlsreallyrule said.

Not everyone, however, was enthusiastic about Jane’s plans for the coming year.

“Stay Classy, CNN,” Cameron Gray wrote on his account on the social media platform while sharing the clip.

“@CNN #cnnnye. Really? Turning a holiday celebration into a political statement? Jane Curtin? When will it stop? Switching to @FoxNews for the balance of the evening,” another user @trdaggett1700 said.

CNN has been subject to criticism, especially lately, for routinely “attacking” President Donald Trump and the Republican Party in general though the news story does not necessarily warrant it for some.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the network recently published a story suggesting that U.S. military troops in Iraq and Germany may have been breaking a rule set by the Department of Defense prohibiting active duty personnel from engaging in “partisan political activities” when the president autographed his signature “Make America Great Again” hats during his recent visit to troops the day after Christmas.

Many people were quick to reprimand the news network for the article, including White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders who accused CNN for attacking the president’s supporters.