Elizabeth Warren Swigs A Beer Among Kitchen Utensils In Growing Trend

Roz Zurko

Elizabeth Warren attempted to give Americans a reality-like show from her kitchen, but as she seemed to simmer campaign thoughts, the internet came calling. Warren's kitchen appearance came just hours after the news conference outside her home. This is where Warren made her big announcement.

At that press conference, she told the world of her intentions to file for an exploratory committee for president. Then a few hours later she was in her kitchen reflecting on her day, cooking dinner and brandishing a beer.

Once she showed up in her live-stream on Instagram, her announcement was put on the back burner for some folks. Instead, they took to social media to analyze her kitchen-themed end of the day chat.

Some were thrilled to see her step up to the plate for the 2020 election. Others had fun with her attempt to look very much at home in her kitchen while swigging a beer. As you might imagine, Warren's demonstration gathered polarized views online.

People had a lot to say about the possibility of her throwing her hat, or in this case, her spatula, into the 2020 White House race. It seems Warren joined the growing trend among Democrats who attempt to cook up votes right out of their own kitchens.

According to Twitchy, last month, Beto O'Rourke cut steak on Instagram, then there was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who also live-streamed from her kitchen as well. One Twitter user described the 2020 Dem primary as starting to look like a season of Top Chef America.

Another Twitter user went a bit further and dubbed the position they're all vying for, "Commander and Chef." A social media comment borrowed part of an old adage, citing "too many cooks." While they may or may not spoil the broth, folks are wondering why the broth has to be there in the first place?

As you might imagine, Warren's demonstration gathered polarized views online about her pending decision to join the White House race in 2020. The kitchen surroundings and Warren's sudden urge for a beer baffled some of the folks who commented online.

Others had a bit of a comedy take on it. Then there were Warren's supporters who loved the presentation from her very own kitchen.

For whatever the reason, Warren joined some of her fellow Democrats who have also taken to kitchen chatting. Other Democratic hopefuls have hopped online to chat from home using their own kitchen as a backdrop. The reason for the sudden domestic setting is unknown, but it looks like it's becoming a trend moving toward 2020.