Natalie Roser Dons Corset Dress With Sheer Midriff On Instagram

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Natalie Roser rang the new year in style with a white corset dress. She shared a photo of the outfit on Instagram, and captioned it, “Hi 2019!! Hope you all had an amazing New Years!!” The outfit consisted of a corset-style top with a sheer midriff with sequins sewn in to give it some shine. The model also sported a “Happy New Year” hat, along with thick gold hoop earrings and a simple necklace. She held a bottle of wine or champagne in her right hand, as she smiled widely for the camera.

The model’s other recent posts were more risque, featuring four naked women in various poses. One photo showed everyone nude with their arms around each other walking in union at the beach. Another showed the four women posing topless, only censoring themselves with a giant palm leaf. This isn’t to mention the cute selfie she shared of her and her boyfriend at a sporting event, as she described in the captions how one of her highlights of 2018 was moving to Los Angeles, which sounds like is working out great for her as she exclaimed, “I’m loving our new life in L.A.!” The photo showed her boyfriend kissing her on the forehand, as she smiled and held his face in her left hand.

A few years ago, the model interviewed with GQ when she was still living in Australia. She mentioned that she grew up “in a beach town north of Sydney called Newcastle,” and at the time she was in Sydney. She also said that if she weren’t a model, “I have a degree in graphic design and photography, so I would probably be doing photography or some design work.”

And Instagram fans will be happy to hear that she reads comments.

“I do! I post photos for a response, so I like to know what people think. However, I also delete and block, so watch what you say, haha.”

She also talked about her clothing label, Roser. The Instagram handle is not in use, but there’s an active website where much of the apparel is one sale. So if fans are looking for a deal, it looks like right now would be a good time to shop.

“I’m actually just about to launch a small clothing label! I’ve been creating the line, Roser, for over a year now, and it is launching in September. Coming around very quickly! It’s been an amazing experience, and I am so excited for the collection to become available. It’s going to be a range of jumpsuits, rompers, and bikinis! Can’t wait for you all to see it! You can follow along at @RoserTheLabel.”