Dog Pets Cat Then Cat Hugs Dog In Viral Video Hit Seen On 'Fox & Friends'

Roz Zurko

A dog pets a cat and then the cat hugs a dog, this was the scene captured on a video that's gone viral and making a buzz online today. The dog and cat video was also seen on TV news over the last few days as a feel good-like segment for ringing in the new year.

It looks like this dog and the cat have the right idea. Despite traditionally portrayed as mortal enemies, this feline and canine can teach humans a few lessons about getting along. Dubbed as "adorable," "unbelievable," and "totally awesome" online, this "dog pets cat -cat hugs dog" viral video was viewed by millions of folks in just a few days.

According to the Daily Mail, social media just can't get enough of this dog and cat viral video. With over 12 million views by New Year's Day, people around the world are cooing over the adorable scene online.

Fox & Friends showed the video on their Tuesday morning show. It was a hit among the hosts of the show. Now that the video showed up on such a popular morning show, those views should grow even more in number.

Jordan Ireland, a 21-year-old Twitter user posted the video that created a storm of cute replies online. The Colorado college student's video shows how a dog pets a cat and in turn, the cat hugs the dog.

The bond between the dog and the cat is knocking the socks off of people everywhere today. Besides the millions of views, the video has gathered over 7,000 comments by New Year's Day.

On the contrary, it is clearly seen in the video the gentle touch the dog has with the cat as he pets his furry friend. The cat suddenly jumps up but not in a mean retaliation mode. Instead, you see the cat turn and gently wrap its front legs around the dog's neck.

This kitty does this much like how a person would wrap their arms around someone to give them a hug. The only thing different - this is a dog and a cat sharing this comforting moment.

The dog even leans his head into the cat like he's nuzzling him while acknowledging the hug. The dog pets cat - cat hugs dog video shows two animals with very human-like behaviors.

Jordon posted the video to Twitter with the caption "'Did my dog just pet my cat?? And did my cat just hug my dog??" The answer from around the world is an amazing "yes" and "yes!"

The clip not only has 12 million-plus views and 7,000-plus comments, but it has over 1.2 million likes and it's been retweeted over 336,000 times in the four days since it was posted on Friday.