January 1, 2019
Adult Film Star August Ames' Final Scene On Camera May Have Triggered Her Suicide, New Report Claims

Adult film actress August Ames may have been driven to suicide by the final scene in her final film, say two crime podcasters who discount the narrative that she was driven to suicide by cyberbullying.

As the New York Post reports, podcasters Jon Ronson and his producer, Lena Misitzis, pick apart the narrative provided in the news media that Ames (real name Mercedes Grabowski) committed suicide after being bullied on Twitter. Their findings will be revealed in the podcast, "The Last Days of August," which premieres January 3. The remainder of this article contains spoilers for that podcast.

On December 5 of 2017, as the Mirror reported at the time, Ames was found dead in a California park, having apparently hanged herself. In her suicide note, she apologized to her parents.

Almost immediately, the narrative turned to cyberbullying. Ames had been subjected to a series of angry tweets, including multiple tweets encouraging her to kill herself, after she made comments that some took as homophobic. Specifically, she had stated that she was reluctant to work with male performers who had performed with other men, saying it was a safety issue -- and that her belief was shared among some women in the industry.

But to haters, she was simply being homophobic.

""@AugustAmesxxx the world is awaiting your apology or for you to swallow a cyanide pill. Either or we'll take it."
Ronson and Misitzis say that, at the very least, there was more to the story. Specifically, they believe that Ames was a broken woman who had been pushed over the edge, so to speak, by her last scene in her last film.

Ames had revealed, weeks before her death, that she had been a victim of repeated childhood sexual trauma, as the Daily Star reports. And while she was able to put her past behind her to become one of the most recognized female performers in the industry, her past was never far behind.

In her final scene, she performed with 30-year-old Russian porn star Markus Dupree, whose style is described as "domineering." In the scene, Ames is treated extremely roughly by Dupree, who forcefully repositions her -- and shoves her thong into her mouth, among other things.

Not only was Ames likely "pushed to her sexual limits and beyond" by that scene, Ronson and Misitzis say that viewers can literally watch Ames decide to take her own life in that scene.

"When you think about it, what we were watching in that moment was the moment that she decided to die. That's what we were watching and it's awful."
"The Last Days of August" premieres on Audible on January 3.

If you or someone you know is in crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741741. For readers outside the U.S., visit Suicide.org or Befrienders Worldwide for international resources you can use to find help.