March 20, 2019
Devon Windsor Goes Topless & Drinks A Smoothie On Instagram

Model Devon Windsor went topless for a photo shot by Gilles Bensimon, and she looked chic as ever wearing just a silver chain. The Instagram photo shows the model sitting down against a black backdrop as she sat with her left arm on her knees and her right elbow propped up against her legs. She held a red smoothie as she looked to her left with her mouth slightly open. Devon wore her hair down along with very dark eyeliner and purple eyeshadow. She also sported glossy pink lipstick, plus a black bottom with sheer sides.

People commented, "WOW totally a hidden treasure," "Beautiful," and "A work of art."

The model, in the meantime, is keeping her fans updated via her personal Instagram account as she shared her most memorable moment of 2018. One of the most-liked posts was of her fiance proposing to her on a strip of sand where you could see a couple walking hand in hand along with a plane that had landed in the shallow water. In the sand were the words, "Marry Me?" as Windsor captioned it, "6.23.18 What was your favorite moment of the year??"

Plus, Devon shared a new year post where she held up a balloon that read "2019" as she used a firecracker to draw a heart in the air. In the backdrop was a vintage pink-and-white car.

Previously, Devon opened up about some of the challenges of being popular on Instagram to Vogue.
"I think sometimes our generation wants it just like that. I think they see on Instagram people doing things, but they don't see how long it has taken me to get there, or what I had to do. It's not automatic, it's hard work and dedication. I guess my mom and my manager always told me those things and I didn't let the jobs I didn't get, get to me."
She also shared some of her goals, stating that "I want to build a brand for myself and get booked for being me, while others will get booked for being them. I'm not really threatened but I guess I'm just confident in what I've built for myself in the modeling industry."With over 1.5 million followers on Instagram alone, Devon is obviously doing a good job building her fan base. Plus, she appeared in this year's much-anticipated Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, where she wore a couple of outfits. This included a silver teddy with white, feathery wings and a colorful outfit with a large cape.