Pete Davidson Returns To Stand-Up Comedy After Suicide Scare

Pete Davidson has returned to stand-up comedy just days after a suicide scare that had fans wondering if he might do something drastic, the New York Times is reporting.

On the night of New Year's Eve, the Saturday Night Live star, 25, returned to his roots, performing two sold-out stand-up sets -- one in Boston and one in the nearby suburb of Medford.

By all accounts, the two sets, described by the Times as "rough and raucous," were massive hits, bringing down the house and bringing the audience to their feet at the end. Pete was actually the main act in a multi-act show, entitled "Pete Davidson and Friends." Not surprisingly, the first few comics to perform were all close friends of the Staten Island native, all of whom performed brief sets before Pete took the stage.

Pete, holding a beer, took a while to find his footing, opening his set with a slow-moving monologue that suggested that he'd smoked quite a bit of marijuana beforehand, and had even taken psychedelic mushrooms.

It was the first public appearance by the actor and comedian since a suicide scare two weeks ago.

As reported at the time by the Inquisitr, in December, Pete posted on Instagram that he didn't "want to be on this earth anymore." Though Pete quickly deleted the post, it caused concern among his friends and supporters -- so much so that an NYPD officer was sent to Saturday Night Live's studios to do a wellness check.

At the time, Pete was coming off of a painful -- and very public -- breakup with pop star Ariana Grande. Said breakup came after a whirlwind romance which saw the two become engaged after only a short time together.

Until Monday, fans hadn't seen much of Pete, since Saturday Night Live is on winter break and Pete hadn't been doing any stand-up sets.

During his set, Pete delivered his usual brand of self-deprecating humor, touching on subjects such as his drug use and his battles with mental illness. And, of course, he mentioned the famed breakup with Ariana. When Pete first mentioned her name, the crowd began cheering, causing Pete to threaten to shut things down.

"I'll stop if you're going to be stupid," he said.

Pete then had the audience in stitches as he regaled them with stories of how the breakup has affected not only his life, but that of his mother, a schoolteacher.

Meanwhile, an anonymous source close to NBC says that Pete is expected to return to Saturday Night Live when the show returns from winter hiatus later in January.