Jack Black Started A Gaming YouTube Channel And It Has Over 2 Million Subs Already

What happens when someone who's already incredibly famous decides they want to step into the world of creating gaming videos on YouTube? Apparently, word travels fast and they almost instantly get as many subscribers as full-time content creators who've been at it for years.

That's exactly what happened with Jack Black, who just recently launched his own gaming YouTube channel. The channel, which is called Jablinski Games, already has 2.2 million subscribers.

The first video was only uploaded on December 21, 2018, so he's gained these subscribers at a rate that would make any up-and-coming YouTube content creator incredibly jealous.

His first video, which is simply titled "Hello, Jack Black Here" already has an impressive 6.6 million views just over a week after finding itself on the internet. Even more shocking is that the video is just 28 seconds of Jack Black introducing the new channel and kicking back in his comfy-looking gaming chair.

The video starts with Black sitting in his chair saying, "Hey, what's up? It's me, Jack Black. This is my new YouTube channel Jablinski. It's going to be bigger than Ninja. It's going to be bigger than PewDiePie."

He caps the video off with a rather comedic impression of famous gaming YouTube personality PewDiePie as he reclines his chair up and down. There's not a lot to it, but it's clearly effective, as he's racking up the fans already.

Black also made a video acknowledging that the channel reached a million subscribers. Like the first video, it was short, clocking in at only 49 seconds.

In this video of Jack Black talking (and joking), he says, "Hells to the yells. We did it! Oh my god! One week, one billion subscribers. That's more that PewDiePuss, T-Pains, and Will Sniff combined. Well, mission accomplished. Mic drop. Peace out!"

Of course, he doesn't have a billion subscribers, and none of the people he claims to have more subscribers than actually exist, but it sure was funny.

After dropping the proverbial microphone, Black looks off camera, apparently being informed that he only has a million subscribers. He says that he'll be back with plenty more content in 2019 and that he's just getting started.

The most impressive part of the channel's growth is that there hasn't been a single video posted with actual video games being played in it. However, at the end of the million subscriber video, Black says that there will be plenty of Jablinski posted in 2019. At the end of the first video, there was a quick bit of text that reads "every Friday," so we'd expect to see new videos uploaded at the end of each week once the new year starts.