‘Outlander’s Sophie Skelton Gives Brianna’s Perspective On The Fraser Family Reunion [Spoilers]

Jeff J. MitchellGetty Images

Fans of the Starz series Outlander were thrilled to watch this week’s episode of the show which featured the long-awaited meeting of Brianna with her father, Jamie Fraser, and her reunion with her mother Claire in Colonial North Carolina. Sophie Skelton, who plays Brianna Randall Fraser in the time-traveling series, shares her perspective of the first meeting of the father and daughter.

Town & Country was able to chat with Skelton about the reunion which was reportedly emotional for everyone involved. Skelton is thrilled to finally shoot her first scene with Sam Heughan (Jamie) after knowing him for a year.

“It’s quite a nice parallel because I think that was actually the first scene that Sam and I ever shot together. We’ve done press and been in and around set together for a couple of years, but we haven’t worked together yet. So that was really cool because it gave it that fresh sort of energy.”

Sure, Bree’s first meeting with Jamie wasn’t exactly storybook, as when she approaches him, he is in the midst of urinating on an alley wall, but Skelton says it will always be one of her favorite scenes.

“Their reunion is actually one of my favorite scenes, not just because it’s one of the most anticipated moments from the book, but because there’s so much going on for Bree. It’s not a simple ‘meeting your father for the first time’ moment. She’s got Laoghaire’s voice in her head about will Jamie accept her?”

Skelton explains that by the time Bree confirms that the man in the alley is indeed Jamie Fraser, she has been through so much that she’s holding on by a thread, and clings to him despite the fact that it’s their first meeting.

Fans were thrilled to see Brianna and Jamie meet but were also eager to see Bree and Claire reunite in Wilmington. Skelton says she thought that when seeing her mother, Brianna should rush to her, which is how she played the scene.

“Bree’s been on this voyage for months and months and months, and she really needs her mother. So I wanted to kind of throw Bree at her mum almost, showing that desperation and that need for her mother. I kind of winded Caitriona a bit, nearly knocked her off her feet, but that’s the moment. I think it’s lovely. I think the look on both our faces is just so heartwarming.”

Now that Jamie and Brianna have met in Wilmington, North Carolina, fans even have more questions about what will happen next to the Frasers, especially since the subsequent meeting of Roger, Jamie, and Ian didn’t go very well. With the Episode 5 preview, it seems that the level of action and violence will once again increase.