Sally Kirkland Has Surgery After Theater Fall

Sally Kirkland Surgery Leg Broken

Sally Kirkland had surgery after a fall she sustained on Sunday night. The actress was at a Los Angeles film festival when she fell on stage.

Kirkland, an Academy Award-nominated actress, broke her leg in two places, requiring the emergency surgery.

The actress was making her way to the stage at the Studio City Film Festival at the time of the accident, reports TMZ.

Instead of receiving her award for Best Actress in a Dramatic Short, she fell to the ground and broke her leg. Kirkland also dislocated her ankle in the fall.

An ambulance quickly arrived to take her to the hospital. She underwent the surgery on Monday to repair the breaks. She received a metal plate and screws to help her body heal.

A representative for the actress stated that Sally Kirkland blames her fall on poor lighting in the theater. She remains under the supervision of a doctor.

The Examiner notes that Kirkland was in extreme pain, but that the surgery was successful and she is optimistic and in good spirits.

Along with being nominated for an Oscar Kirkland has also won a Golden Globe for Best Actress. A rep for the actress stated:

“Currently suffering from extreme pain, Sally remains hospitalized following a successful surgery to repair the injuries resulting from her fall.”

Kirkland was awarded the Best Actress award for her role in the film Posey. While Sally Kirkland’s surgery was a success, it is unclear how long she will remain in the hospital. It is likely she will have to go through rehabilitation once her broken leg is healed.

[Image by John Mueller [CC-BY-2.5], via Wikimedia Commons]