The Young Bucks Tease Huge Announcement On New Years Eve

Ring of Honor

One of the most exciting stories in the world of professional wrestling is what will happen to The Elite in 2019. Will they stay with ROH and New Japan? Will they sign with Vince McMahon and the WWE? Will the group decide to start their own promotion under the rumored name All Elite Wrestling? The suspense is leaving wrestling fans on the edge of their seats!

Thankfully, fans won’t have to wait too much longer to find out, as it appears that everything will be revealed for New Years.

The Young Bucks took to social media to provide a huge tease for fans on what’ll happen next for the faction.

Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks recently wrote on Twitter, “New Years Eve in Tokyo. My heartbeat drowns out the ticking of the clock. Let’s be unafraid together.”

That post certainly sounds like The Young Bucks won’t remain with New Japan, as it implies that they’re moving onto something new with the “let’s be unafraid together” line. However, it doesn’t necessarily tell us whether that something new is a contract with the WWE — or the beginning of the rumored All Elite Wrestling.

Adding to the tease, on December 27, Matt Jackson tweeted out a timer counting down to midnight on New Years Eve with the caption “Who’s ready?”

It’s difficult to know what they’re counting down to. It could be the major announcement of the new promotion. It could also be something less exciting like a new episode of Being The Elite coming out. The countdown could also just be the time remaining until they’re officially free agents, with no announcement to follow right away.

On last week’s episode of Being The Elite, Cody further teased the idea of a new promotion springing up — and he talked about how the fans give him the confidence to move forward.

“I know a lot of people think what we’re getting ready to do is a big gamble. Some people think it’s very stupid but I’m not filled with false-hope,” Cody said on the episode (as transcribed by SE Scoops). “You the fans have given me real hope and that’s what it takes for a revolution.

That most definitely sounds like a tease of a new promotion, as he’s talking about a big gamble. Of course, going back to WWE would be a huge gamble for him as well, especially with how his first run in the company went, but that wouldn’t be much of a revolution.