‘General Hospital’ Scheduling Notes And Spoilers: Alexis Has News, Sam Is Flustered, And Nina’s Interested

Craig SjodinABC

The latest General Hospital spoilers tease that 2019 should be a wild year in Port Charles. Residents throughout town were starting their celebrations during last Friday’s show and teasers reveal that juicy developments are coming up during the week of December 31. Unfortunately, just like the week of Christmas, fans will have to wait a couple of days to see the next new episode.

She Knows Soaps notes that an encore episode of General Hospital will air on Monday, December 31. Then, on New Year’s Day, there is sports coverage that will air rather than a new episode of GH. Once Wednesday hits, however, it’s back to business and spoilers hint that change will be in the air.

As the Inquisitr recently shared, Julian is going to be making a big decision soon after seeing Kim and Drew kiss. General Hospital spoilers signal that this will come as a shock to her and will definitely shake things up for several people in Port Charles.

Sam has been rattled by the contacts she’s had with a mysterious person who knows about her past and apparently that continues this week. She’ll be feeling unnerved in some sense during Thursday’s show and it looks like it’ll take a while for this to fully play out.

Now Soap Central indicates that soon Sam will be juggling her worries about her past being exposed with concerns over Kristina and what changes she’s starting to make in her own life. Fans have a hunch that these two storylines may soon intersect and there’s speculation that newcomer Hank may be involved in some way, too.

At some point this week, Alexis will be sharing some news with someone. Will this be about Julian and Kim or about something else? Upcoming episodes will also have Nina feeling interested in something, Maxie taking baby James out for breakfast, and Liz connecting with Willow to check in about Aiden’s school challenges.

Viewers will also see Drew confiding in Curtis, perhaps about Kim, and General Hospital spoilers note that Sonny will be trying to redirect Mike’s attention elsewhere. Lucy will pop up and need Maxie’s help in some sense and Lulu is orchestrating a gathering at Charlie’s.

Fans will also see “Kevin” doing something for Laura that she appreciates. However, her concern over his odd behavior isn’t going to stop anytime soon. General Hospital spoilers indicate that this storyline will bring big things as 2019 kicks into high gear, and fans will be anxious to see where it all heads next.