Major Storm To Bring High Winds And Heavy Rain To New York For New Year’s Eve Ball Drop

Theo WargoGetty Images

Many around the world will be at home and watching the Times Square ball drop in New York City on New Year’s Eve 2018, but they may end up being the lucky ones. While people would love to be there for the fun and excitement of ringing in 2019, this is one year they likely won’t be jealous of those in attendance. A severe and major rainstorm is expected to hit New York City on Monday with the worst of it coming right as the new year hits.

The entire northeast United States is going to experience a great deal of bad weather on December 31, 2018, as two different systems collide. Temperatures are actually going to be quite mild, according to ABC News, but the precipitation is going to be high with a lot of rain coming down.

When the ball dropped in Times Square last year, temperatures were around 10 degrees with the wind chill making it feel as if it were five below. At the changeover of 2018 to 2019, temperatures are expected to be close to 50 which is much warmer than last year, but the rain is going to be a big problem.

Making matters a little more complicated is that umbrellas are not permitted in the area for the Times Square ball drop, and that is due to the huge crowds. Authorities don’t want anyone injured by an umbrella flying around or poking someone in the face.

The rainfall on Monday night is expected to be quite steady after 4 p.m. Eastern and it will likely only get worse as the day goes on. When the clock strikes midnight and 2019 officially arrives for the East coast, it could be raining for the first time since 1994 changed over into 1995.

According to the National Weather Service, the storm system came up out of the western Gulf of Mexico which will bring a lot of rain through Alabama and Georgia. It continued moving east on Monday and up into the Ohio Valley before hitting the northeast later on New Year’s Eve.

Even though temperatures will be up from last year in New York City, party-goers will have to account for standing in the rain for several hours. If they want to get a good spot, they will need to be there early for the ball drop and that means constant rain without an umbrella.

New Year’s Eve 2018 is going to bring an end to the year that may have been good or may have been bad for people, but 2019 is a new and fresh start for everyone. Unfortunately, the major storm rolling through the United States will make it a very drenched start for those in New York watching the Times Square ball drop.