Sandra Bullock’s ‘Bird Box’ Makes Record-Breaking Numbers With 45 Million Viewers, According To Netflix

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Netflix

Sandra Bullock’s Netflix thriller Bird Box is likely one of the most talked-about movies of 2018. The film was released less than 30 days ago and it has already caught the attention of millions of viewers. According to Fortune, Netflix reportedly claims the highly lauded film achieved record-breaking success in its first week, alone. On Friday, December 28, Netflix took to Twitter with a tweet revealing the viewership numbers for the film. It has been reported that Bird Box has been viewed on more than 45 million Netflix accounts since its release on December 13.

In addition to the staggering viewership records, the film has also been a major topic of discussion during the holiday season. On social media, Bird Box has sparked a firestorm. The film is still a trending hashtag and the basis of many comical memes circulating on social networks. According to ABC7, Heather Drake, founder of a Facebook page dedicated to the film recently, shared her reaction to all of the feedback about the film. She admitted she’s been taken aback by the quantity of ongoing discussions.

“I have never ever had as much attention or as many page likes, post likes/ shares and comments on any of my other pages as I have had on this one,” Drake said. “It’s been insane. I can’t even come close to responding to all the feedback, if that tells you anything.”

The latest news follows Sandra Bullock’s recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. According to People, the famed actress discussed the post-apocalyptic film and the casting of Malorie’s sister. Sandra Bullock revealed how Sarah Paulson landed the role. Although Paulson’s character was short-lived, Sandra Bullock explained how her role was significant.

“When we were talking about who would play the role of my sister [Bier] said, ‘It has to be someone who you will miss terribly and you can see in a very short time that you’re sisters,'” Bullock told the publication. “So when she called and said I want to talk to you about somebody, she says, ‘What do you think about Sarah Paulson?’ I was like, ‘I had literally had the same thought.’ And the fact that we were able to get her given the fact that she works 364 days a year was a tiny baby miracle.”

Bird Box is now streaming on Netflix.