Olivia Culpo Sizzles In Skimpy Bikini With Stunning Girlfriends

Olivia Culpo is showing off her bikini body yet again, and this time she’s bringing her gal pals into the fun.

On Sunday, December 30, Olivia Culpo took to her Instagram account to share a photo of herself donning a skimpy bikini with two of her girlfriends, who were also sporting sexy swimsuits.

In the photo, Culpo is seen wearing a teeny tiny black bikini, which shows off her ample cleavage, toned arms, lean legs, and flat tummy and abs. Olivia has her dark, shoulder-length hair pulled back into a sleek bun at the base of her head, and she completes her look by wearing a pair of oversize sunglasses.

Meanwhile, one of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model’s friends is seen rocking a skimpy leopard print bikini. The bikini bottoms tie on the side, while the top is a wrap around. She has her dark hair braided back, and also dons a pair of large sunglasses.

Olivia’s other friend wears a tan, triangle bikini top, and a pair of black bottoms. She has her brown hair parted to the side and styled straight, and pushed over her shoulder. Like her friends, she wears a pair of glasses to shield her eyes from the sun.

In the background of the photo, a cityscape, some blue water, and green foliage can be seen, as well as some boats in the water as the three friends give some sultry stares into the camera.


As previously reported by Page Six, Olivia Culpo’s family celebrates the holiday season a bit differently than many other families. The former Miss Universe recently opened up about her family’s traditions, which including gifting toothbrushes, and eating pizza.

“I come from a big Italian family and we all hang out in the kitchen — I am one of five kids, so once you add in boyfriends, girlfriends and friends, it’s a lot of people,” Culpo revealed of her family’s holiday festivities.

Olivia also says that her family loves to eat pizza, which they make from scratch for their holiday celebrations, and that they use a very special piece of kitchen equipment to make their Christmas meal.

“My mom makes homemade pizza in our pizza oven. She is the best pizza chef in the world, I swear, and she has a giant pan that’s been in our family for generations,” Olivia stated.

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