Here’s How To Use Netflix To Fool Your Kids Into Going To Bed Early For New Year’s Eve

Hey parents! Want to spend a little alone time with your significant other when the New Year rolls around? Variety reports that Netflix is helping make it happen with a slew of fake New Year’s Eve countdowns to fool the kids into bed so that you can break out the bubbly.

Like they do each year, the online streaming service is letting parents entertain the kiddos for a few hours and then send them off to bed before the glittery ball drops in New York City. Netflix has 14 (count ’em, 14) on-demand programs that will let you count down to the New Year any time you want.

Each video is a fun, five-minute or less way to countdown to the big event, so you can break out some sparkling apple juice, fete to the new year (it’s 2019 somewhere, right?) and send the tots to bed.

This year’s list of shows are all based on the service’s original content and include: Tales of Arcadia, The Boss Baby: Back in Business, Fuller House, All Hail King Julien, Spirit Riding Free, Motown Magic, Beat Bugs, Pinky Malinky, Super Monsters, True and the Rainbow Kingdom, Larva Island, Prince of Peoria, Skylanders Academy, and Alexa & Katie.

“Tonight, we’re going to party like it’s four hours past our bedtime!” the Boss Baby tells kids in his clip for the countdown episode.

Netflix launched their sanity-saving countdown series in 2014 with King Julien, but the service found that parents appreciate it so much that they wanted more. Presumably, kids did too. More than 5 million people tune in each year to get the kids to tune out, according to Netflix.

The streaming service realized that they had reached an untapped market after their 2018 study revealed that 77 percent of parents with kids 3 to 13 would rather stay home than head out on New Year’s Eve. But only about half of the parents let their kids stay up until actual midnight.

For those adults who are kids-at-heart, Netflix recently made an excellent discovery to help you ring in 2019, and it involves the classic film Shrek, which you can stream on the service – with our without the kids.

“If you start watching Shrek at 10:39:04 on New Years Eve, a bunch of magical fairy tale creatures will start playing the Eddie Murphy & Smash Mouth version of ‘I’m a Believer’ precisely at midnight, in case anyone is looking for the perfect way to celebrate,” they wrote on their Twitter account.

You can find the kid-friendly countdown shows by typing “countdowns” into the Netflix search box.