Unpaid Child Support Linked To Kate Gosselin’s 2018 Lawsuit Against Jon

William Thomas CainGetty Images

Jon and Kate Gosselin were living relatively normal lives prior to the birth of their infamous sextuplets. Their family of 10 warmed the hearts of many viewers as they appeared on TLC’s popular Jon & Kate Plus 8. Although they were not without their personal flaws, fans enjoyed watching them attempt to manage their busy lives held together by love and faith. Jon and Kate’s relationship later faltered as they dealt with the stress of being parents to eight children who were constantly thrust in the media spotlight. Their marriage eventually ended in 2009, to the disappointment of many, according to Entertainment Cheat Sheet.

Their messy divorce made headlines for years; many viewers taking different sides in the public affair. Despite their attempt to gain a sense of normalcy since the breakup, their ongoing feud continues to stir up rumors and speculation. The year 2018 was a particularly difficult year for the family, in the wake of a shocking lawsuit initiated by Kate. The Gosselin matriarch sued ex-husband Jon for a whopping $130,000 in April. At the time, little information was revealed into the true motivation behind her decision. Finally as the year comes to a close, further information has been brought to light in regards to the hefty sum.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, unpaid child support was likely the motivation behind Kate’s lawsuit. At the time of their divorce, the parents reportedly came to an agreement surrounding the amount Jon would be required to pay monthly in child support. This was a settlement that Jon allegedly breached.

Jon later deemed $130,000 “an inappropriate amount,” later going to court to contest it. Jon’s current girlfriend, Colleen Conrad, later set up a GoFundMe page in an attempt to aid Jon in his desperate quest for cash.

“Many people have asked Jon how they could help with his legal fight to win the same rights as other parents: time with his children. This is how. Money raised in this campaign will go to the legal battle ahead as Jon secures his rightful place in the lives of his family,” Conrad wrote.

Although the two have yet to officially settle their financial dispute, their custody battle recently tipped in Jon’s favor when he was awarded full custody of his son, Collin Gosselin, on a temporary basis. Collin had been separated from the rest of his family for months while attending a boarding school for children with special needs. Collin along with his sister, Hannah, now live with their father full time.