Cardi B Lashes Out In Instagram Rant About The Expectations Of Fame, Calls Paparazzi Racist

Theo WargoGetty Images

Cardi B isn’t holding back after cameras caught her and her publicist in an altercation with the paparazzi in Australia yesterday. In a series of Instagram posts and stories on Sunday, the rapper went off on what she views as the pressures of fame, the expectations from fans, and the way people of color are treated by the paparazzi, according to E!.

Cardi B spent Saturday at a gig in Australia for New Year’s Day, but on the way home, she and her publicist were swarmed by fans and photographers. The “I Like It” singer wasn’t feeling it, so she put her head under a blanket and tried to make her way through the terminal. But the paparazzi wasn’t happy with missing a chance to snap Cardi B’s pic, so they started shouting at her, saying that since she was in Australia, she had to live by their rules.

Another photographer yelled at the 26-year-old singer that she understood why her husband left her. Cardi B’s publicist Patience Foster came to her client’s defense, threatening to smack the paparazzi and telling her to watch her mouth. The media fallout was swift — as reported by the Inquisitr — with some people accusing her of behaving like a “diva.”

The rapper took to Instagram to respond to the controversy on Sunday morning, saying that she was bothered by the man who yelled at her as she tried to make her way through the airport.

“But that didn’t even bother me as much as this white man telling me, ‘Yeah, you playing by our rules. It’s like, what is your rules? What are you talking about?” she said. “Do I look like a f**king slave to you or something? That’s how ya’ll see people? That’s how ya’ll see colored people or something, that you guys say foul s**t like that…that s**t got me so f**king mad. That s**t don’t sit well with me, like, it just made me think like, yo, I just want to go home.”

She went on to say that she understands how some people in Hollywood who appear to have everything, including fame and fortune, could want to abuse drugs or commit suicide, saying that the pressure is intense.

She continued, explaining that people should stop telling her to behave one way or another. According to the rapper, she has been the same person her whole life and she shouldn’t be expected to act like someone else now that she is famous. She then headed off critics, ending things by saying that people will tell her she should get out of the business if she can’t handle the pressure, to which she would reply, “you do what you have to in order to make money.”