The Cult of Mac Still Safe From The Unwashed Masses

When the rumours were fly back at the beginning of October about the remote possibility of an $800.00 MacBook laptop; which was first posted about by Duncan here at The Inquisitr, everyone got all breathless and wet with anticipation. I even wrote a post here about how at such a price Microsoft could finally have some serious competition in the laptop world of the average computer buyer.

Then all hell broke loose and people had to start thinking seriously about how they were spending their money. In this tempest Apple let the world know that they would be bringing forth on October 14th the next generation of their much drooled about laptops. Along with this we started to hear rumours about the Brick laptop which rumour had it was the new manufacturing process that saw the laptop chassis being cut from a single block of aluminum.

Rumours, rumours, rumours … the buzz that is the mystique that surrounds Apple and powers the Cult of Mac. This mystique was lifted today as Apple finally let the world see just what it had up its sleeve; which you can find out about in JR Raphael’s post today here at The Inquisitr but I have to admit I have come away underwhelmed.

When I first wrote about the impending laptop refresh from Apple I was going with the supposition that they would be releasing a version of the MacBook that would be more in competition with the going prices for entry level PC laptops. I believed at the time that if they did this; even if there was a $100.00 or so price difference, that Microsoft could be in serious trouble in the laptop world. I still think that, but given the prices that they announced today I think that the price spread is enough that Cult of Mac can be assured that their legion won’t be invaded by those horrible Windows noobs anytime soon.

The fact is that even at $899.00 (or to be real $900.00 not counting taxes which will still put it over the $1G mark) is still too much of a price to pay for an entry level laptop. When you have netbooks coming in around the $400.00 to $500.00 range and entry level PC laptops starting at $700 that extra $200 – $300 dollars is a lot of money especially in light of the current economic situation.

Oh and let’s not forget the fancy ass 24″ display that Apple wants to soak you for – $899.00 . Are they serious? Why in the world would I even think about forking over that kind of money when I can turn to a Dell monitor for under $400.00. As al3x said on Twitter after the announcement

Yup, I think the Mac world is still safe from an invasion by the unwashed masses.

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