Kevin Spacey Spotted In Baltimore Watching Himself On Television

Theo WargoGetty Images

Yesterday the Inquisitr reported that Kevin Spacey had been hiding out in Baltimore near the Inner Harbor, but now it has been confirmed as photos of the actor on the balcony of his manager’s luxury condo were taken, showing him watching news coverage of his complicated legal situation on the penthouse television.

The Daily Mail agrees that the Oscar winner has been staying at the luxury townhome in the Federal Hill neighborhood of Baltimore at a condo that was bought through a trust to keep the owner’s identity a secret. Spacey’s manager, Evan Lowenstein, insists that the home belongs to him, but at this time real estate records indicate that the owner is private.

Spacey has reportedly been staying at the condo for some time, and sleuths point out that his recent YouTube video with the monologue in the voice of his House of Cards character, Frank, was recorded in the kitchen of the sprawling $6 million penthouse.

The actor spends most of his days in the residence watching movies, ordering takeout, and obviously watching news reports of his sexual assault case filed in a Nantucket, Massachusetts court by a young man who was working as a busboy at the time of the alleged incident.

The Daily Mail published a selection of photos of Spacey, his dog, and the outside of the patio of the penthouse condo. In the patio photo, the flat screen television can be seen, showing a CNN report about Spacey’s legal case.

The source who blew the whistle on the former House of Cards actor says that Spacey had been spotted a few times, but it wasn’t until he recorded the bizarre “Let Me Be Frank” video that it was confirmed.

“There was a constant swirl of rumors and alleged sightings but nobody knew for sure it was him living there. But when the video was posted online the kitchen, the worktops, the decor was instantly recognizable. He’s certainly had to curtail his usual habits but it can’t have been too difficult being cooped up inside there – it’s a fabulous property.”

Kevin Spacey was spotted for the first time out in public in a year on Friday when he ran to a waiting car. He was wearing a balaclava and a scarf, running out of a local warehouse where he was reportedly rehearsing for something.

Spacey became familiar with the city of Baltimore after shooting House of Cards on location in the Baltimore and Washington areas.