David Hasselhoff’s Daughter Hayley Hasselhoff Shows Deep Cleavage In Scanty Lace Bra, Pouts For Camera

Jenn FiveGetty Images

Plus-size model Hayley Hasselhoff is well-regarded both by her fans and followers on Instagram as well as by the greater modeling community. Her curvaceous figure, inimitable attitude, and innate sense of style have won her admirers the world over. Being the daughter of famous Baywatch and Kung Fury actor David Hasselhoff doesn’t exactly hurt, either — but Hayley has made her own way and carved her own path for herself over the years.

In her most recent Instagram share, Hayley is captured in a close crop which features a number of notable points of focus. The camera focuses on Hayley’s pretty face, her lips painted a sultry ruby red, upturned at the corners in the slightest of smiles. Her coy expression is accentuated by bedroom eyes, long eyelashes and perfectly sculpted eyebrows framing the smoky look.

The other star of the show is Hasselhoff’s prominent bust, her decolletage on full display. Supported and accentuated by a classically inspired black lace bra, Hayley’s assets are emphasized to maximum effect. Her fair complexion is present throughout, flawless skin and fair hair creating the very portrait of timeless beauty. Her silky blonde hair is styled straight, framing her face to fall lightly about her neck and shoulders.

Despite having been live for a very short time — less than a day, as of the writing of this article — Hayley Hasselhoff’s latest Instagram image has already attracted a great deal of attention. Dozens of users left comments in the appropriate section, and over 1,500 users left a like on the sizzling snap.

One user wrote, “Happy New Years to you and your family gorgeous,” while another Instagram member quipped, “Your beauty is amazing. I no haved [sic] words to describe your beauty.”

Hayley Hasselhoff has been making headlines most recently, according to the Daily Star, for stripping down to her lingerie in order to promote an inclusive message regarding body positivity. Taking part in the Curvy Kate campaign, a lingerie-brand backed push to promote women’s health and acceptance, Hayley is a front-runner in support of the notion that all women should feel comfortable in their own skin.

According to the Irish Examiner, Hayley is also responsible for having styled and directed the art for Navabi’s most recent fall and winter campaign.

“I came up with the theme, I came up with the location, I mean I got the whole team together, I work with the budget, so I’m really doing the whole production for the shoot as well… Sometimes it’s a way more hectic day because I’m doing four jobs in one, but I’ve got to say I love the hecticness.”