‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Willow Is Caught Between Two Men And A Baby

Craig SjodinABC Press

The latest baby switch on ABC’s General Hospital has emotions all over the place. This past week, it was revealed that Willow Tait gave up her baby son for adoption and the rumors that she is Wiley’s birth mother turned out to be true. The school teacher also learned that her child is within close reach, so close that she has found a way to be able to be in his life and to spend time with him. Of course, she doesn’t know yet that this is really not her child after all.

The real baby Wiley died a few months ago and that will be devastating to Willow when she eventually learns the truth. But for now, General Hospital spoilers tease that she will be pulled into this baby’s orbit by way of Michael Corinthos. He is Wiley’s godfather and a potential suitor for Willow. She Knows Soaps indicates that this birth mother will be pulled into a triangle of sorts between Michael and Harrison Chase.

She has already gone on a few dates with Chase and even had their first smooch on New Year’s Eve. Michael was also there and you could tell that he is also infatuated by her. Those two have more of an emotional connection as they have been supporting each other through the loss of their sons. Michael thinks his baby is dead, while Willow thinks that hers is still alive and well and living with Brad and Lucas. They have no idea just how strong their connection really is, but they will eventually.

This story line is gearing towards Willow gaining access into Michael’s life in order to get close to her son. This certainly won’t set well with Julian Jerome. They have an agreement that her baby should stay where he’s at. He convinced her that her child is better off with Brad and Lucas, but once she spends time holding and touching Wiley, that will certainly change. After all, she did change her mind about the adoption right before her time was up.

As for Detective Chase, he has already fallen hard for Willow. She will be caught between her blooming romance with Chase and her emotional attachment to Michael and his godson, who is unknowingly his baby, not hers.

Brad is about to get a big dose of reality when he realizes that Wiley’s birth mother is very close. Not only that but now Obrecht knows all about his and Nelle’s scheme of baby switching. She could blow his world apart at any given time.

Willow Tait has two men who are vying for her attention to start the new year out. However, she will be shattered when she learns that her child died shortly after birth. General Hospital continues on Wednesday after a two day break for the holiday.