Kendall Jenner Shows Off Her Tight Body By Wearing Tiny Pink Bikini In Sub-Zero Temperatures

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Even Kendall Jenner may not be hot enough to warm up sub-zero temperatures of the Rocky Mountains, though she is certainly trying her best.

The reality star-turned-supermodel took to Instagram on Saturday to show off a very revealing pink bikini that she wore in the snow for a trip to Aspen, Colorado. As the Daily Mail reported, Kendall is on vacation with the rest of her family at the famed Buttermilk Ski Area. In her Instagram story, Kendall revealed that the thermometer dropped to -2 degrees, but that didn’t stop her from donning one of her most revealing bikinis to show off for her fans.

“F**k it’s cold,” Kendall wrote in the picture’s caption.

Fans were impressed with the photo, though some offered more practical advice for her dilemma.

“yea its because u dont wear any shirts and pants,” one person replied to her complaints about the cold weather.

As the Daily Mail report noted, Kendall Jenner has a lot to celebrate as 2018 comes to a close. She was named the highest-paid model of the year, bringing in $22.5 million thanks to some big contracts from Estée Lauder, Adidas, and Calvin Klein. Kendall has also become something of an expert at using social media to expand her exposure, taking after her famous older sisters in the world of sharing revealing selfies, especially bikini pictures.

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fuck it’s cold

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Kendall Jenner’s racy Instagram pictures seem to have a more targeted audience in recent days, People magazine noted. Earlier in the month, she shared a glamorous black-and-white modeling shot of herself, which caught the attention of Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons, her most recent flame. The two have been romantically linked in recent weeks after she apparently ended a brief relationship with the brother of fellow models Gigi and Bella Hadid.

“Kendall was spending time with Anwar [Hadid], but that ended and she started hanging out with Ben again. She hasn’t seen Anwar recently,” a source told People magazine. “When she’s not working, she’s been focusing her free time on Ben and flying to Philadelphia.”

Kendall Jenner wasn’t too far from her recent flame when she shared the bikini picture in the snow. Ben Simmons and the Sixers were in Utah for a game against the Utah Jazz on Thursday, and will be traveling to Portland on Sunday to take on the Trail Blazers. No word on whether Kendall plans to leave her snowy vacation to check out the game.