‘The Young And The Restless’ Fans Want ‘Next On’ Back When New Head Writer Takes Over

Tony EsparzaCBS

Recently, Young and the Restless head writer and executive producer Mal Young announced that he’s left the show, and fans have plenty of ideas for what they want to see when the new regime takes over in a few weeks.

One massive change that Young made when he took over at Y&R is to do away with the segment that aired at the end of the show called “Next On The Young and the Restless.” For years, that teaser aired with bits and pieces of scenes from the next show. As head writer, Young replaced the segment with one that aired at the beginning of each day’s show called “Previously On.” With that, the video aired clips of what had happened before. Sometimes the clips would be from quite recent, but at other times they would be from years ago, depending. Typically the scenes were from within the last few weeks or months.

While fans did not necessarily hate “Previously On,” they did hate the fact that it replaced the “Next On” teasers that they’d relied on seeing for so many years. In a Facebook fan group, long-time viewers revealed what they hope to see when Josh Griffin takes over early in 2019.

In addition to the return of the beloved daily video spoilers, fans also have a bevy of characters they’d love to make a triumphant return to the canvas. Among those mentioned were Paul (Doug Davidson). Earlier this year, the Inquisitr reported that Davidson revealed he’d been moved to contract after four decades on the number one rated CBS Daytime show. Then the writers stopped including him in the scripts with absolutely no goodbye or on-screen reason at all, which angered not only fans, but also Victor Newman actor Eric Braeden, who has had plenty to say on Twitter since the unexpected move.

“I would like to see Paul and Ashley return,” wrote one viewer.

Another avid fan detailed her wishes, which she referred to as “selfish,” but are anything but. Among the well thought out litany of ideas she hopes to see the new head writer do are the following.

“a) better writing b) more creative stories c) the closure to the JT scandal d) Lily ‘get out of jail’ d) the return of Adam, Gloria, Ashley, and PAUL, e) no more backstories making stuff up that disregards the history of the already existing families, f) the dissolution of the Rey/Mia/Arturo/Lola crowd, g) Bring back JILL, and h) give Lauren and Michael a credible storyline.”

Her wishes echoed many other fans’ hopes and dreams for the new head writer to bring to the show.