Cardi B Accused Of Having ‘Diva Tantrum’ At Airport In Australia As She Snaps At Photographers

Sean M. Haffey/Big3Getty Images

Cardi B’s trip Down Under didn’t exactly get started on the best note.

The rapper landed in Sydney ahead of her performances at the Origins Fields Festivals and at Sydney’s Field Day, but appeared to be a bit jet lagged as she arrived. As the Daily Mail reported, Cardi B was accused of having a “diva tantrum” in the airport, snapping at photographers as she covered her head in a blanket and moved quickly with her entourage.

“Can you guys please leave me alone?” the rapper said.

Cardi was then backed up by another member of her team who informed the photographer that she wasn’t in the mood for photos.

“She doesn’t want to give you a picture, can’t you tell?” the unidentified woman said.

It’s not clear how that qualified as a “tantrum,” given some actions that celebrities have taken against photographers, but it seems clear that Cardi B has been in the crosshairs for tabloids in recent weeks. Her very public split from rapper Offset has led to near-constant attention to her movements and social media, to the point that some fans have accused the couple of staging their split to coincide with Offset’s first solo album.

Others noted that it seemed stranger for Cardi B to be annoyed with her attention upon landing in Australia given her craving for attention over the past few weeks. She and Offset didn’t seem to mind the cameras when they appeared together on a surprise trip together in Puerto Rico, where they were photographed jet skiing together.

Cardi B later spoke out about the surprise reunion, saying that she just needed to be with her husband.

“I just had to get f***ed, that’s all,” Cardi said on an Instagram Live, according to People.

That only fueled the speculation that their split was made up for publicity, especially given Offset’s very public pleas for Cardi B to take him back. As Cosmopolitan noted, he bought a series of very expensive Christmas gifts in his bid to win her back.

“According to E!, Offset bought Cardi six designer purses (including one that retails for $6,950) and a Birkin bag that set him back $15,000. He also got her some jewelry, because why not?” the report noted.

It’s not clear what had Cardi B in a bad mood when she arrived at the airport in Australia, but her busy schedule could be taking a toll on her. After playing at a festival in Puerto Rico last week, she now has a series of dates in Australia before playing in New Zealand in early January.