Josephine Skriver Puts Derriere On Display In Thong Swimsuit On Instagram

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Model Josephine Skriver posed for a dramatic photo on Instagram wearing a thong swimsuit. A series of two photos showed the model standing on a platform overlooking a foggy landscape with green tropical plants and trees visible in the foreground. The second photo was a close-up of Josephine, as she put her hands on a black handrail and looked out at the scene. She wore her hair in a high bun, and displayed her derriere in a one-piece swimsuit.

The geo-tag for the post was Mashpi Lodge, which is located in Ecuador. Fellow Victoria’s Secret model Jasmine Tookes is at the same resort. She also posted a photo this morning of herself waking up in a luxurious hotel room with floor-to-ceiling windows.

Fans commented on Josephine’s post saying, “wow incredible,” “YES!!! Welcome to my beautiful country,” and “goals.” Her Instagram Stories also gave more sneak peeks into her stay in Ecuador, including more incredible views of the scenery, plus a group photo with Jasmine and their friends.

Plus, Skriver spotted some wildlife, including a yellow-breasted bird and a couple of butterflies. She noted in the final Story that they’re “Recording our first travel vlog for @joja YouTube,” finally revealing to fans why she and Jasmine are in Ecuador together. Not to mention that Josephine’s there with her fiance, as they shared a kiss for a selfie.

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deep in the cloud forest. ☁️

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That’s not the only updates from Josephine’s trip to Ecuador so far, as she also shared a photo of herself standing in front of an elaborate stained glass window at a church in Quito. Another post showed her and her fiance kissing in front of the city skyline, where she noted that she’s “Back in South America.”

Previously, the model opened up to Elite Daily about how she maintains her figure.

“I workout all year round, I love it,” she noted. “It’s my therapy. But for this show you want to be strong. I add on a lot of weight, I lift heavy. I was born a stick, I need to work on my shape.”

Plus, she weighed in on what she thinks makes Victoria’s Secret a special brand to work for.

“I think Victoria’s Secret has always been really good about putting the names of the girls out there and making it exciting. I think they were doing it before social media, so I think social media has amped it up so much more. I love it because it’s given models a voice back, it’s getting us not just fighting to make the campaigns. Now we get to have a voice and now people care and it’s really, really cool to see how much people are interested in fashion.”