Jazz Drummer Slaps Ladies’ Butts To Prove Music Is Everywhere

jorge perez butt-slapping video

Jazz percussionist illustrates that “music is everywhere” by playing a song on four ladies’ butts. Fusion artist Jorge Perez’s butt slapping video is going viral. The women remain bent over and entirely still throughout the nearly 3-minute song.

Jorge Perez shows he is a compassionate man by gently rubbing a dab on lotion onto the slightly red cheeks of his human instruments when he is done playing. The rhythmic slapping of rear-ends ends displays more skill than the “butt bongos” bit by Howard Stern, MSN notes.

The jazz drummer founded the Spanish band, Patax, BuzzFeed notes. The four black-thong clad butts appear to all make the same sound. The musical reason behind the use of four women has been questioned by some viewers of the viral video.

While Jorge Perez plays his cheeky instruments, a cool jazz beat is playing the background. Sure, the jazz drummer could have made his point about music being everywhere by slapping a pair of knees instead, but a fully clothed leg video probably wouldn’t have gone viral.

An excerpt from the Patax Facebook page “About Us” section reads:

“Rarely seen in our country to a percussionist playing the role of leader and composer of a jazz band. Jorge Perez, Spanish and American dual citizenship, self-taught and extending lifetime later, his knowledge at the Berklee College of Music, presents an interesting proposal that fuses Latin jazz, funk, and flamenco with true causes are unaware of. Inspired by the great fusion like Weather Report, The Korea Electric Band, Herbie Hancock and Zawinul and influenced by the jazz of Irakere, Wayne Shorter, Miles Davis, Hermeto Pascoal and Paco de Lucia, this project aims to bring the merger to a new place, where a communion between flamenco and Afro-Cuban folklore is the magical nexus.”

The butt-slapping video was posted on YouTube a week ago, and has been rapidly garnering views ever since, The Sun notes. You can watch the vide0 by clicking here.

[Image Via: Shutterstock.com]