Victoria’s Secret Model Kelly Gale Goes Topless On Instagram As She Vows To Lose Her Tan Lines

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images for Victoria's Secret

Kelly Gale has been spending her Christmas break in the Maldives, leaving the cold weather of the northern hemisphere far behind. The Sweden-born beauty has been sharing snippets of her paradisaical getaway with her Instagram followers, which includes several sultry photos of herself rocking a bikini and flaunting her enviable figure.

In one particular shot, however, Victoria’s Secret model ditched her bikini top as she lay back to soak up the sun. In the caption, she explained that she promised the makeup artists that would return to work with no tan lines. In the snap, the 23-year-old half-Indian, half-Australian bombshell is lying by what appears to be an infinity pool wearing no top and covering her chest with her left arm as she uses her other hand to take a selfie.

Gale is looking sideways at the camera with her lips almost unnoticeably parted in a seductive eye. The model is wearing little to no makeup, letting her perfectly sculpted eyebrows frame her naturally beautiful face. In the background, the infinity pool features prominently as it mimics the crystal-clear waters of the ocean, also seen in the background beyond the pool, which includes a hammock for those wishing to relax with their feet dipped in the water.

The photo, which Gale shared with her 1 million Instagram followers, racked up more than 60,500 likes and more than 420 comments at the time of this writing. Fans of the catwalk model took to the comment section to leave a host of emoji and compliment her beautiful look.

“You don’t need makeup to be the most beautiful,” one user wrote paired with a blue heart emoji, while another congratulated her on her recent Instagram milestone by adding, “Wow Kelly! You hit 1 million followers Congrats! Love from India.”

Ahead of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Week in November, Gale said she’d been keeping her figure by working out four hours every day, the Daily Mail noted.

“Just doubled up class and then I doubled up the double up,” she told fans on Instagram, according to the Daily Mail report. “What I’m trying to say is I just smashed four hours and I’m proud.”

But even when she isn’t getting ready for the catwalk, Gale still leads a healthy lifestyle that consists of paying a lot of attention to her diet and working out daily. In an old interview with Vogue India, the model said that while genes play a key role, nothing beats hard work.

“Genes play a huge role and I have to thank my dad for my long legs. I do, however, keep my diet healthy and balanced and dedicate a lot of time to exercise, no matter where I am,” she told the magazine.