These Big Name Celebrities Are All On Weight Watchers

Since Kate Hudson revealed that she has signed on as a Weight Watchers spokesperson, many people — who trying to figure out their upcoming New Years resolution — are looking to the program as a potential way to get healthy. The Weight Watchers program is one of the most popular ways of getting fit and healthy among celebrities, according to Cheat Sheet, which lists several top name Hollywood stars — other than Kate Hudson — who are Weight Watchers customers.

The Weight Watchers program, recently rechristened as WW, has signed on numerous celebrities, all of whom have slimmed down with the help of the program. Their success stories inspire millions of people every day, encouraging others to consider the Weight Watchers program as a way to bring healthy eating back into their lives. Some of the famous faces who use the service include Kevin Smith, Oprah Winfrey, DJ Khaled, Kate Hudson, and Robbie Williams. While the Weight Watchers program may have begun as a weight loss aid for women, plenty of men are now joining and promoting Weight Watchers.

Kevin Smith, director of hits films such as Clerks, Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back, Red State, Tusk, Dogma, and Chasing Amy, joined the Weight Watchers program after suffering a near-fatal heart attack in February of this year. After his doctor informed him that he needed to lose 50 pounds, the director set to it and achieved his goal with the help of Weight Watchers by August. He cites avoiding craft services table on sets, cutting mindless snacking, and walking more throughout the day as helping him to lose weight. According to Smith, his near-fatal heart attack actually saved and changed his entire life, cites Today.

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As 2018 comes to a close, I’m down over 50 pounds from what I weighed last year. I wanna thank @ww because they had a lot to do with it! #ww is #ForEveryBody who wants be around long enough to see their kid get old too. It’s #ForEveryBody who wants a healthier heart. Or it’s even #ForEveryBody who just wants to hike Runyon Canyon with their plucky little dog! Every body has a reason to get healthier. What’s yours? Tap the link in my bio to use #WW’s new filter on your own photos and share with the tag #ForEveryBody. I have to say this is technically an #ad - but even if I wasn’t an official #wwambassador I’d still be singing their praises. Not only did WW help me drop serious lbs after my heart attack, they’re helping me keep them off too! I’m living proof WW is #wellnessthatworks, so I love this company and I believe in their mission. In 2019, I’ll be visiting WW studios across the country and podcasting with WW members about their ups and downs, as we all learn to live healthier lives together! #KevinSmith #ww #wwambassador

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DJ Khaled, the American DJ, record producer, media personality, and record executive, began his weight loss journey with the program. DJ Khaled signed up for Weight Watchers to promote the company last year. He stated that he lost 28 pounds in his first two months of joining.

Recently, as reported by the Inquisitr, Kate Hudson is the latest star to join Weight Watchers, having signed on as an ambassador this month. According to Hudson, her goal is not simply to lose weight but to begin living a healthier lifestyle. She did, state, however, that she hopes to lose 25 pounds by the spring.

“My ‘why’ is really my kids and family and longevity. It’s really about the holistic approach to wellness.”

Many associate Oprah as a face for Weight Watchers, and she may very well be their most famous member. Oprah credits Weight Watchers with helping her to lose more than 40 pounds. She actually went so far as to buy part of the company due to her own success with weight loss, and she promotes the service frequently.

Singer Robbie Williams also chose to join Weight Watcher after his weight gain and has nothing but amazing things to say about the program.

“WW is the first program that truly feels like it fits with my life. After my back injury last year, I have definitely let my healthy habits slip and I feel as though I have let myself and my family down. I can’t keep trying the same things and hoping for a different outcome. I trust the history of behavior science that WW has.”