‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julian Makes A Big Decision After Seeing Kim And Drew Kiss

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers reveal some tantalizing developments as 2019 kicks into gear for everybody in Port Charles. Despite Ryan’s reign of terror throughout town, romances are seemingly blossoming among some pairs, and new details have emerged about what one couple is about to face.

As viewers saw on Friday’s episode, Kim and Drew shared a kiss during a tender moment while she was sharing some memories of their past together. Julian happened to see the two at that moment and General Hospital spoilers indicate that this will lead to a big decision on his part.

The new print edition of Soap Opera Digest reveals the scoop. Co-head writer Shelly Altman writes that Julian will break things off with Kim, but it’s not out of anger, apparently.

Altman explains that as Kim and Julian originally started their romance, they both were fully aware that they both remained drawn toward someone else. While the two were doing pretty well for a while, this health crisis with Oscar has pulled Drew and Kim back together, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that Julian will break things off with her out of a belief that she may currently need Drew more than she needs him.

“Julian believes he is sacrificing his own feelings for the greater good, but this unilateral decision that he makes may backfire.”

When will this happen? General Hospital spoilers via SheKnows Soaps note that during Wednesday’s show, Drew will nudge Kim to spend time with Julian. It sounds likely that when she approaches Julian he will reveal this unexpected decision to her.

Unfortunately, Kim won’t see this coming. Neither she nor Drew had any idea that Julian saw their kiss, and it sounds as if he will blindside Kim and hold back in revealing the real reason he is breaking things off with her.

Kim will feel quite hurt by Julian’s decision to end their relationship and whatever excuse he gives her will make it worse. Interestingly, Alexis won’t exactly be thrilled to hear the news of the split either. While Alexis and Julian have been crossing paths relatively frequently as of late, she isn’t going to pounce on this opportunity to try to reunite romantically with him.

“On some level she may not even be conscious of, Julian in a relationship is better and safer for her than Julian alone.”

When it comes to Drew, General Hospital spoilers note that Kim’s breakup with Julian will cause him to pause in a sense. He doesn’t remember his past with Kim, but he knows that he used to feel very strongly for her. As a result, having her single again will give him something to think about and fans may wonder if this might propel him to revisit trying to regain his old memories.

Viewers probably shouldn’t expect immediate romances to develop between either Kim and Drew or Julian and Alexis. However, General Hospital spoilers hint that both of these pairings may be explored in the New Year.