July 6, 2015
Robert Cain: Special Education Teacher Is The Fifth Teacher In Six Years To Be Involved In Sex Scandal At James Madison High

Robert Cain, 38, of Staten Island, New York, is the latest teacher to be named in a sex scandal at James Madison High School in Brooklyn. Richard Condon, Special Commissioners of Investigation for the New York City Schools, handed in his report to the district this past September about the complaint that had been filed against Cain in February 2014. The New York Post just this month received a copy of that report.

In the report, Condon goes into the sordid actions that Cain, a special education teacher primarily, had with one of his students in his Participation in Government Class. According to details recounted by the young lady, she and Cain had engaged in a relationship sexual in nature almost every day over a two-month period. The encounters occurred at various places on and off school premises.

According to the girl, Cain began flirting with her in September 2013, not long after school had started. At first, it was innocent in nature. He would tease her, compliment her, and discuss their personal lives, including their families. Cain later confided in the girl about the divorce he was going through with his wife and the toll it was taking on him. In November, things progressed to a physical level.

In the report, it alleges that Robert Cain whispered in the girl's ear in class that he had "inappropriate feeling" for her. She later went to his office. When she entered the office, he locked the door, came up behind her, and groped her breasts. They then went to a vacant room on the sixth floor of the school and had sex. She claims that this occurred daily for the next two months.

It culminated in December 2013, when the girl mentioned that she would like to spend the day together with Cain. Cain picked her up and drove to a Comfort Inn in Brooklyn. There Cain and the student had sex. It was reported that Cain took pictures of the sex acts on his cell phone.

After the Christmas Break, the young lady became jealous when other girls would go into Cain's office, and she learned he might be in a relationship with a teacher at the school. She reached out to Cain via email. He didn't reply, so she opted to turn him in.

When Cain was interviewed by investigators, he initially denied any allegations, including the Comfort Inn incident. It was then that the investigators produced a tape of him and the student at the Comfort Inn on the day in question. Knowing he had been caught, Cain spoke up to Condon's people.

"So what if I took [the student], it doesn't matter anymore. I'm not a tenured teacher, and I won't get a job teaching anywhere. I might as well resign."

Robert Cain has yet to be charged in the incident. The age of consent in New York is 17-years-old. The New York Post confronted him at his home. He immediately said his name was Jack Kerns, but when asked about the report, he gave himself away.

"I can tell you that if that was me, and I'm not confirming that, most of the information on that sheet of paper, um, is not factual."

Robert Cain joins Cindy Mauro, Alini Brito, Allison Musacchio, and Erin Sayar as teachers from James Madison High School involved in some sort of sexual scandal. Mauro and Brito were caught drunk and messing around with each other naked inside the school. Musacchio was fired for having an "inappropriate relationship" involving over 200 graphic texts with a minor. Sayar was arrested for statutory rape of a minor at the school.

What is in the water at James Madison High School that has caused Robert Cain and all of these other teachers to go crazy? Tell us your thoughts.

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