Iran’s Fake Stealth Plane Photoshopped Into Flight

When Iran unveiled its new stealth jet aviation experts were skeptical about the plane’s flying abilities. In order to quiet their critics, a picture was posted of the Qaher-313 in action. But it didn’t quiet the critics. It made them laugh. The photoshopped picture of Iran’s fake stealth plane has become an international internet joke.

According to the Daily Mail, the photo shows the plane in the exact position that it was in during its unveiling.

The Atlantic Wire notes that the snowy mountains in the background are the same mountains used in a stock photograph.

That’s pretty damaging evidence.

Iran may claim that their new jet is capable of soaring at high-speeds and evading radar but most critics believe that the jet is a fake and can’t even leave the ground.

Of course, the photo is merely proof of something that aviation experts already knew. The Qaher-313 is more of a model plane than an actual jet.

David Cenciotti, of The Aviationist blog, said that the Qaher-313 is “nothing more than a large mock-up model.”

What do you think? Here are some photos of Iran’s Fake stealth plane.

The fake plane at it’s unveiling …


fake stealth plane

… Plus snowy mountains …

fake stealth plane

…. equals fake stealth plane.

fake stealth plane