Kevin Spacey Spotted In Public For The First Time In A Year, Showing Weight Gain

Rochelle BrodinGetty Images

It’s been over a year since actor Kevin Spacey was seen in public jogging outside a rehab facility he checked into in Arizona, and now he’s been spotted leaving a warehouse wearing sweatpants, undershirt, and a ski mask, quickly making his way into a car which reportedly belongs to his manager.

The Daily Mail says that the actor, who continues to be embroiled in sexual harassment and sexual assault scandals, looks to have put on significant weight since last fall. Spacey was photographed looking “disheveled” wearing a balaclava and a scarf seemingly in an effort to disguise his appearance, but the photographer also recognized his manager, Evan Lowenstein, as the driver of the minivan Spacey entered.

Spacey, 59, the former star of House of Cards, now has a “sizeable gut” according to the Daily Mail, which is a change from the slim and fit actor who was previously seen on stage and screen. For several months after the scandal hit in 2017, Kevin Spacey sought treatment at Meadows Rehab Centre in Wickenburg, Arizona, which is the same facility that is said to have treated Harvey Weinstein, another celebrity caught up in his own sexual assault scandals.

Kevin Spacey has been in this news this week once again as he has an upcoming appearance in Nantucket District Court next month where he is to be arraigned on the charges of Indecent Assault and Battery. Spacey’s lawyer filed a motion today asking the judge if the actor can somehow skip this appearance, sending legal representation in his place, but the prosecution is demanding that Spacey appear in person, despite the level of embarrassment.

Spacey is charged with groping a then 18-year old man at a bar on the island back in 2016 where the teen was a busboy. The actor is also said to be under investigation in Los Angeles for another claim that came to light in August.

The allegations against Kevin Spacey started in October of last year when actor Anthony Rapp came forward to say that the Oscar winner sexually molested him when Rapp was 14. From there, a news anchor in Boston went public to support Rapp and to say that a young male relative, thought to be the man in the Nantucket case, was also sexually assaulted by Spacey.

The woman posted on social media that the then-evolving #metoo scandal had given her the courage to come forward.

“The #weinsteinscandal has emboldened me– #truth time. I was a Kevin Spacey fan until he assaulted a loved one. Time the dominoes fell.”