December 28, 2018
Iggy Azalea Flaunts Her Hourglass Figure In New Instagram Post

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea is well-known among her fans for her enviable hourglass figure and she always makes sure to show it off on her social media accounts. The 28-year-old star, who recently traveled to Brazil to perform at a concert on Thursday night, posted a photo on Instagram where she declared that she loves Brazil.

In the latest picture, Iggy is featured wearing an orange cropped top with long sleeves which she paired with matching gym bottoms. Sitting on the edge of a wall, Iggy held her hair with one hand and in the process flaunted her perfect abs as well as her famous curves. Within an hour of going live, the picture in question garnered more than 291,000 likes and 5,000 comments, wherein fans and followers not only expressed their admiration for Iggy's looks, but also appreciated her for her music.

"You are gorgeous, and also the best rapper ever," one of her fans said. Most of the comments, however, came from her Brazilian fans who welcomed her to their homeland again and appreciated her for her performance on Thursday night.

"Brazil loves you, too," one of her fans commented on the picture.

"We love you too, Iggy, thank you so much for coming to Brazil," another fan wrote.

Although her fans admired Iggy's performance during the Star Game interval show that took place in Rio de Janeiro's Maracana Stadium, some unpleasant events unfolded on the stage when one of Iggy's dancers suddenly fell down and started experiencing seizures while the star was performing her hit, "Black Widow."

Videos soon surfaced on social media where Iggy was seen singing when the dancer collapsed. As soon as Iggy saw her, she called the medics on stage but continued with the performance while the dancer continued to convulse while lying on the stage. After around half a minute, the music was stopped as medical staff took to the stage to tend to the dancer.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Iggy took to her Instagram following the performance and informed her fans that the dancer was doing all right, adding that the seizure was caused due to lights and heat on the stage.

However, fans didn't like Iggy's decision to continue with the performance when someone was undergoing a medical emergency and bashed her for being insensitive and inconsiderate.

The continued bashing made the "Fancy" singer very upset, so much so that she took to her Instagram again and made an emotional appeal to people, asking them to show more kindness. Per a report by Metro, Azalea addressed the backlash by saying that, at times, she feels exhausted by the world.

"It feels like ANY thing I do becomes an opportunity for people to tell me why I'm sh*t, why my music sucks, my clothes are ugly, why I don't matter or why I'm a horrible person," the rapper said.

"Everyone is just trying to make it through their day. Could we be a little kinder to each other? Seeing how much people enjoy being awful to one another is depressing."
In response to her posts, Brazilian fans comforted her in the comments section and told her to keep up the good work.

"Sorry for all the bad happenings that happened in your coming to my country, I'm sorry," one fan wrote.

"I'm from Brazil, you're a great person, an incredible rapper, do not give up on the song, you're just going through some difficult times but that's going to happen. Iggy Azalea we love you," another one said.