December 28, 2018
Want To Ring In The New Year Watching Half The Universe Being Wiped Out With Thanos' Snap? Here's How

Most people have plans for December 31. Whether it's to be in bed by 9 p.m. with a hot chocolate and a movie, or a big party with friends, or even just a quiet night with family, everyone has their own opinions about the best thing to be doing when the ball drops. After a blockbuster year, however, some Marvel fans have come up with a way to go into the new year terrorized all over again.

As reported by Comic Book, a Redditor came up with a suggestion for last minute plans for geeks: Watching Avengers: Infinity War to start 2019. The user, who goes by the name of Depreston, posted the suggestion in the MarvelStudios subreddit, and even shared with fans exactly how they can watch Thanos snap his fingers at the very stroke of midnight.

"On December 31st if you start Avengers: Infinity War at 9:48:54 pm the snap will happen at midnight and you'll get to ring in the New Year by crying," they wrote.

While it's not exactly the most cheerful way to start 2019, it might be a good way for the glass-half-empty types, as, let's be realistic, things can hardly get worse from there can they? If you do decide to do this, however, make sure to check up on your friends to see they weren't victims of The Decimation.

Plenty of Marvel fans were pleased with the suggestion, commenting on the original post with praise for Depreston's idea.

"Man I was planning on starting the new year crying anyways so this at least gives me an excuse," a user wrote. Another decided it was a joking matter, writing, "Dread it, run from it, but next year still arrives."

Other redditors wanted more information, unsure about which form of the film would need to be started at exactly 9:48:54 p.m.

"Details man! What do you mean by start? Press play from Blu-ray menu, start on streaming, etc. Are they the same timing? My snap must be perfectly timed, not just perfectly balanced," asked a user.

Fortunately for them, Depreston was quick to respond to the question.

"You will already have the movie paused at 0:00:00 at 9:30pm. You'll bring over the postmates you ordered to your TV tray and open champagne! You'll scroll Facebook as you eat to check out all the parties you weren't invited to or told you had 'plans' so you didn't have to go. Then at exactly 9:48:54pm you'll hit play!"

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Netflix has just added the film to their playlist (for U.S. users only, of course) and, provided you have "prayed to Thanos to forgive you," subscribers will be able to watch it from the streaming service on New Year's Eve.