December 28, 2018
What New Year's Resolution Do Most Americans Want Trump To Adopt?

As New Year's Eve approaches, millions of Americans are likely making resolutions to better themselves in 2019. But a fill-in-the-blank survey, conducted through SurveyMonkey for the news site Insider, reveals that Americans are also hopeful that their president adopts some useful resolutions also.

Insider revealed that it had asked 1,037 citizens to take part in its online poll, which allowed them to fill in the blank for this question: "What is a New Year's resolution you'd like President Donald Trump to make?"

As such, the survey isn't a formal poll, to say the least. Still, it does allow us to delve into the collective consciousness of the average American.

And what did most Americans want to see Trump do better on in the new year? Answers varied significantly, but a sizable portion (22.8 percent) said they wanted the president to resign from office. That answer, it turns out, was the No. 1 answer in the survey.

The second most submitted answer dealt with Trump's online habits. More than 10 percent of respondents in the survey said they wished that he would tweet less, which the president does on average around five times per day (on Friday, when the poll was released by Insider, Trump had already reached that number).

Not all of the answers were critical of the president. Some were a variation on a call to "continue" a particular policy, with 5.7 percent of those surveyed using that word specifically. Another 2.8 percent asked the president to resolve to "build the wall" in 2019. That comment alludes to the proposed border wall that is at the center of the debate for funding the federal government, per reporting from CBS News. "MAGA" — or, "Make America Great Again," Trump's 2016 campaign slogan — garnered 1.9 percent of responses.

But many other answers demonstrated that Americans overall wanted a kinder president (6 percent), a commander-in-chief who would speak more cautiously in the future (4.9 percent), and just, in general, be a better person (3.2 percent).

Only a small smattering of answers requested that Trump resolve to look after his own weight, which is the most common resolution that people make from one year to the next. Just 0.7 percent said Trump should resolve to shed some pounds.

That's a resolution his doctor likely asked him to make last year, when in January information on Trump's health was released to the public, according to reporting from ABC News. In that document, Dr. Ronny Jackson (who was later investigated for allegations of misconduct) said that weight loss should be a goal for the chief executive.