EA Announces Freemium ‘Tetris Blitz’ Game For iOS, Android

Tetris Blitz Freemium Game From EA

EA on Wednesday announced Tetris Blitz, the first ever freemium Tetris game to reach the open market.

Tetris Blitz puts a new spin on an old favorite. According to Electronic Arts:

“This lightning-fast, “Blitz”-style game challenges players to race against the clock and contains fresh new features and stunning visuals for the ultimate Tetris experience. Available for both Apple® and Android™ smartphones and tablets, Tetris Blitz is EA’s first-ever freemium Tetris game.”

Here is a full description of the Tetris games new features:

“Tetris Blitz introduces all new strategies to the iconic Tetris gameplay in a two-minute sprint to clear lines and rack up as many points as possible before time runs out. Fans will get blown away by stunning cascades by clearing multiple lines back-to-back, to trigger the elusive Frenzy Mode for a huge score multiplier. Players can also boost their score by choosing from the game’s collection of explosive power-ups—- and with new power-ups released every week, the combinations are endless. Blitz also innovates on the fan favorite One-Touch controls with the addition of the new “Drag and Place” option, while also including the traditional “Swipe” option for Tetris players who prefer the classic controls.”

The game has been fully optimized for Google Android OS and Apple iOS platforms. EA has also added a social leaderboards function to offer friendly competition among users.

EA has also included Facebook® Connect integration, which allows players to compete in weekly competitions while sharing high scores and bragging to friends via a users Facebook wall post.

According to Henk Rogers, Managing Director of The Tetris Company:

“Tetris Blitz is a re-imagined extension of the original Tetris game for smartphone and tablet gamers. New additions like the two-minute countdown timer and Facebook Connect are welcome updates to the Tetris legacy and will provide a fast-paced and fun on-the-go experience for today’s Tetris gamers.”

Tetris Blitz will launch later this spring via Apple App Store SM, Google Play, and Amazon App Store.

Do you like the idea of a freemium Tetris game with new features.