December 28, 2018
Women Of 'The Challenge' Speak Out Against Paulie Calafiore

The Challenge might not be airing on MTV currently, but that doesn't mean there is a shortage of drama surrounding the cast. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Cara Maria Sorbello and Paulie Calafiore have called it quits after text messages from Danielle Maltby revealed that the Big Brother and Challenge star was playing both women.

Cara spoke with People Friday afternoon detailing her side of the story, saying that she had no idea Paulie was saying the things he said to Danielle. It was revealed in the text messages that Paulie told Danielle he missed her -- and was only seeing Cara to further his career on the Challenge. After he was exposed, many women of the Challenge franchise spoke out on Twitter, slamming his actions. One of the first to do so was veteran Jemmye Carroll, a woman who never has an issue setting someone straight.

"Hey @PaulCalafiore_ did you only go live right now bc Danielle & Cara are possibly releasing an article together today. Ps, I'm not on any side. I just find your timing interesting considering my bachelor source told me to expect an article from them soon," Jemmye wrote on Twitter regarding a potential Us Weekly article from the ladies.

After Paulie responded to Jemmye's tweet -- saying he'd never want her as a partner on the Challenge and that she would never return to the show -- she responded right away with a clap back.

"If I'm never coming back then why are you soooo worried about being partnered with me? You're contradicting yourself on twitter just like you did in those texts exposed text messages boo.."
It wasn't just Jemmye who had an issue with Paulie. Longtime Challenge contender Veronica Portillo spent some time with the Big Brother alum in the Redemption house during the last season on Final Reckoning. Once the drama with Cara blew up online, Veronica decided to let Challenge fans in on what she had learned during filming.

"He's a joke of a man. I overheard him brainstorming his Challenge takeover while we were in the redemption house & I've never looked at him the same way. I saw his truth a long while ago, happy his s**t is being exposed. And I hope these leaked details derail him & his agenda," Veronica wrote on Twitter.

"[And] by Challenge takeover I mean he's taking over the actual show. Wants to be a regular. Get invited back every season. Collect that paycheck. Basically take advantage of the career it can offer that BB never did. And CLEARLY he will do it at any cost, @ the expense of women's [heart emoji]," she added.

Veteran Kailah Casillas couldn't stay out of the drama either -- and shared the screenshotted text message conversations between Danielle and Paulie that Us Weekly revealed yesterday.

"I was gonna leave this alone but after reading it, I can't stay quiet. WHAT THE F**K IS THIS DELUSIONAL S**T," she wrote on Twitter of the screenshots.

Da'Vonne Rogers -- who appeared with Paulie on his season of Big Brother and also starred alongside him on Final Reckoning -- had something to say regarding the situation as well. When a fan asked for her opinion on Paulie, she had a simple response.

"I have none, it's none of my business … 'how you get them is how you'll lose them'.... and that's THAT on THAT," she responded, via Twitter.

While she didn't appear to take Paulie's side on the love triangle drama, she made it clear she believed Cara was not innocent at all in the scandal.

To see more from Paulie and Cara, watch the new season of The Challenge on MTV when it debuts early next year.