December 28, 2018
Karlie Kloss Shares Some Amazing Pics On Instagram From Her Honeymoon Trip To South Africa

Victoria's Secret model Karlie Kloss broke many hearts in October when she announced that she was officially off the market after tying the knot with her now-hubby, Joshua Kushner. And now that the two lovebirds are enjoying their honeymoon in the wilds of South Africa, the 26-year-old beauty decided to treat her 7.9 million Instagram followers to some amazing pictures from the trip.

In the first picture from the holiday that Karlie posted on Wednesday, she is featured half dipped in a river or lake with her back facing the camera. What intrigued her followers was the presence of a baby elephant, walking past the river, which completely stole the show. The picture in question amassed 138,000 likes and 600 comments where fans expressed their surprise and adoration for the beautiful backdrop. Many of her South African fans wrote warm, welcoming messages for the American couple and wished them a great time in their homeland.

Other fans said that they are being envious of Karlie because she is spending her time in one of the most exotic locations of the world.

"What an amazing experience!" One of her fans commented on the picture, while another one said that it is their biggest wish to visit South Africa to see the amazing wildlife there.

The second picture that Karlie posted featured a yawning lion, which all of her fans seemed to love. She captioned the picture "mood" to imply that she was also feeling lazy and sleepy like the lion. Fans praised Karlie for her photographic skills as she wonderfully captured the rare moment, while others called her a "brave woman" for going near the beast to click the pic.Karlie then shared a picture where she is featured waving at a herd of giraffes in the distance. Referring to her 6-foot 2-inch stature, she jokingly wrote that she found her tribe.And since fans had enough glimpses of wild animals and wished to see the newlyweds, too, Karlie also uploaded a picture with her husband on Thursday where the couple appeared to be beaming with happiness. The picture in question garnered more than 250,000 likes and close to a thousand comments where fans complimented the good-looking pair and wished them the very best of luck for a happily married life.

According to an article by Harper's Bazaar, the couple had been together for six years. They announced their engagement in July this year before officially getting married in October 2018.

While the majority of the comments were warm and positive, a few people also posted nasty political comments on the pictures because Joshua Kushner is the brother of President Donald Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

Getty Images | Elsa

By marrying into the Kushner family, Karlie has now become related to Jared and Ivanka Trump.

"You can do better than marrying into a criminal family. Sorry but it's the truth," one commentator wrote on the picture. While another one said that Karlie should be "ashamed of herself."