December 28, 2018
'General Hospital' Friday Spoilers: Kim Reflects On The Past And Willow's Love Life Heats Up

Friday brings another new episode of General Hospital, and spoilers hint that there are intense moments on the way. It looks as if Ryan is about to claim another victim, but teasers share that there's good stuff ahead with other storylines, too.

As the Inquisitr shared earlier, it looks like Ryan will eliminate the latest threat to his scheme -- the television producer named Peyton. It seems rather dangerous for Ryan to make this move, as this producer is connected to him and will surely show a true link in the recent deaths across Port Charles. However, Ryan seemingly felt as if he had no choice but to eliminate Peyton before he could share the documentary containing the theory that Ryan's still alive.

As many people in Port Charles are preparing for the big New Year's gala, Kim is spending time with Oscar and Drew at General Hospital. Spoilers from the sneak peek shared via Twitter reveal that she'll get sentimental and reflective with Drew, telling him that they conceived Oscar on New Year's Eve.

Drew doesn't have any of these memories, and he has remained somewhat torn on whether to pursue the opportunity the flash drive gives him to regain those glimpses into his past. He doesn't want to lose the memories he's made over the past few years, especially in relation to his kids. However, as he grows closer to Kim again, he may find that he wants to pursue those past memories, too.

The buzz is that Kim and Drew may share a kiss on New Year's Eve -- and that Julian may see the two of them together. General Hospital spoilers hint that there could be some relationship shifts taking place heading into 2019, and these would probably be fairly welcome as far as the viewers are concerned.

The writers have got to figure out something to do with Drew, or they will surely lose actor Billy Miller at some point soon. If Drew and Kim rekindled their prior relationship, that could give Julian and Alexis an opportunity to give their relationship another try as well. In addition, that could make it easier for Sam to open up to reviving her romance with Jason.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Jason and Sam will be spending an intimate New Year's Eve together, and "JaSam" viewers are ready for this. The dance between these two has gone on for quite some time -- and it looks like a shift may finally be on the way.

Willow is also about to push forward on a new romance in her life as well. General Hospital spoilers note that she will spend some time with Michael during Friday's show, and Kristina will see the two together. She then will ask how they know one another. Obviously, the two will tell a bit of a tale -- as they surely won't tell Kristina about the grief group -- but it sounds as if Kristina will pick up on some of the sparks between them.

However, Willow will be having another date with Chase during this show, says SheKnows Soaps. In fact, there is buzz swirling that the two may share a kiss during this date. Viewers can see a love triangle coming between Willow, Michael, and Chase from a mile away, and all signs point toward this getting intense fairly soon.

It looks like there's a lot of action on the way with Friday's episode, and it should kick things off in a big way for 2019. General Hospital spoilers hint that things will be wild and crazy throughout Port Charles in the coming weeks -- and viewers cannot wait to see where things head next.