December 28, 2018
Rudy Giuliani Undecided On Whether Trump Will Answer More Questions For Mueller

President Donald Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, can't seem to make up his mind whether his client will speak to investigators about the Russia investigation for a second time. Over the past week, Giuliani has spoken to numerous different news outlets, wavering back and forth between saying Trump will only answer questions over his dead body and suggesting that it might be a possibility after all, according to Business Insider.

A month ago, Trump submitted written answers to Robert Mueller's investigation team, after which Giuliani called the matter resolved. He then asked that the investigation be ended.

"We answered every question that they asked relating to the Russian portion of the investigation and the time period before he was elected president," Giuliani said, per the Daily Beast. "We made clear in advance we weren't going to answer any questions beyond that, like obstruction or the period of time after he became president."

At that time, Giuliani said that negotiations for Trump to answer further questions were still ongoing -- and that Trump might submit further written answers in the future. But, he said, there was no chance that Trump would do an in-person interview with the special counsel's team. Later, he changed his position, saying that there would be no more answered questions, written or in person.

While speaking with Fox News on December 16, the former New York mayor reiterated this stance, saying that an interview wasn't happening.

"Over my dead body, but, you know, I could be dead," he said.

But two days later, Giuliani said that there was a possibility that he and his client might agree to provide additional written answers, Axios details.

"Or we might not," he added.

He went on to say that Trump had a right to choose whether or not he would answer additional questions. Guiliani then defended Trump, saying that he spent all day with the then-presidential nominee during the campaign for months at a time, and there was "no way" he was working with Russians.

Yesterday, he left the door open once again, saying that negotiations over Mueller's access to Trump were still ongoing -- and that no decision had been made.

Later on, during the same day, when asked if Trump would submit any more written questions by Hill TV, he backtracked from a more cooperative posture back to a more resolute one.

"I think I announced about ten days ago 'over my dead body' and I'm not dead yet," he said. "[President Trump's] not answering any more questions from these people — they are outrageous activity. We did enough."

All this comes as Giuliani is calling for Mueller's team to be investigated for "erasing" 19,000 texts between "Trump hating" FBI agents as part of what he calls the FBI's evidence destruction program.