December 28, 2018
Have Gigi Hadid And Zayn Malik Split Again? Model Hasn't Shared Photos Of Singer On Instagram Since October

Gigi Hadid may be a single woman as she enters 2019.

According to an Us Weekly report, rumors are swirling in regards to a potential split between Hadid and former One Direction singer Zayn Malik after the model refrained from sharing any new photos of Malik over the holidays.

As the outlet revealed, Hadid and Malik didn't appear to be together over the Christmas holiday and when it comes to the photos Hadid has been sharing over the past couple of months, Malik hasn't been seen in any of them. Instead, she's been focusing on friends and family and on Christmas Day; she shared a throwback photo of herself, her mother Yolanda Hadid, and her sister Bella Hadid.

As for Malik, he was completely silent on social media on Christmas.

In her latest social media photo of herself and Malik, the Victoria's Secret model was seen cozying up to a shirtless Malik on October 21 as they flew home to Hadid's "happy place."

In addition to the absence of couple photos on Hadid and Malik's Instagram pages, split rumors have been further fueled by the fact that Malik no longer follows the model. Also, Hadid hasn't been seen at Malik's apartment since October 5.

On December 14, Hadid hinted at a breakup when she re-tweeted a message from Kehlani, which read, "I do not owe you myself. I do not owe you any information about me beyond what i choose for you to know. I do not owe you strength when i am weak. I do not owe you answers just because you ask."

Below is the most recent photo shared by Gigi Hadid of herself and Zayn Malik.

Following Gigi Hadid's suspicious tweet hinting at a split, Zayn Malik's cousin, Jawaad Saeed, posted a selfie with the singer on his Instagram page on December 27 and further hinted at a breakup.

"Through best and worst, take a bullet for you," he captioned the photo. "Keep happy my bro."

In October, around the time Hadid and Malik were last seen together, a source told Us Weekly magazine that the couple's relationship had "been very intense" since their April reunion. "She's really turned into a recluse and has been spending all of her time with him."

As fans will recall, Hadid and Malik called it quits for a couple of months earlier this year after beginning their romance in November 2015.

"Zayn is loving that Gigi is all over him. He thinks she's the hottest girl on the planet," another source added at the time.