T-Pain Shares Brother’s Shocking Hospital Bill That He Intends To Pay

Earl Gibson IIIGetty Images

Unpaid medical bills are the No. 1 cause of bankruptcy filings, more so than credit card debt or unpaid mortgages. Having health insurance doesn’t protect someone from these extreme financial hardships either.

According to data analyzed by NerdWallet Health, millions of people will file for bankruptcy protection every year.

“A lot of Americans are struggling with medical bills,” said NerdWallet Health Vice President Christina LaMontagne.

For those who don’t necessarily need to file bankruptcy, millions more adults struggle to pay their health-care related bills every year. Tennessee-born rapper T-Pain, known to his family as Faheem Rasheed Najm, understands this firsthand.

His brother had been hospitalized for yet undisclosed reasons and his medical bills were atrocious. T-Pain, 33, decided to show everyone just how expensive health care can be, even for a family like his, People shared.

His brother spent a month in two hospitals. T-Pain expressed his gratitude for the care his brother received, but he still couldn’t believe just how much it cost. The dedicated family man intended to pay for it.

“I first wanna say thank you to all the ppl that were involved in keeping my brother alive. I can’t express enough gratitude to the medical staff that kept my family whole. My brother was in two hospitals for a total of a month and some change,” he adds. “Just got the bills.”

The Instagram photos show the astonishing complete cost of $1,402,977 for his brother’s medical care. With his net worth, T-Pain readily said he would foot his brother’s bill.

T-Pain’s mom Aliyah “Mama Pain” Najm told CBS 46 earlier this year that one of her sons moved in with her after he fell ill and she became his caregiver. He required dialysis three times a week. At the time, she was working and helping care for her grandchildren. She has five children and 19 grandchildren.

“Being a caregiver, you get caught up in taking care of the person that’s sick and you neglect yourself,” said Mama Pain. “In order for me to do it somebody had to have money so I always based it on that. God knew that our family was going to get to this point to where we were going to need support and, of course, with him (T-Pain) having the talent that he has he became who he was and he takes care if his family he really does.”

Aliyah started a nonprofit called Caregivers 911 to help family caregivers just like herself.

T-Pain’s name stands for Tallahassee-Pain, a shout out to his painful childhood. T-Pain found an outlet in music and converted his bedroom into a music studio before his 10th birthday, he shared with Rolling Stone.