Kristina Romanova Dons Low-Cut Gold Dress In The Ocean

Neilson BarnardGetty Images

Model Kristina Romanova wore a low-cut gold dress and posed in the ocean. Her newest Instagram Stories showed still photos, along with video of the photoshoot. The photographer could be spotted directing Kristina, as she braved the waves and gave various looks in the midst of rocks in the ocean. The videos were geo-tagged Amanpuri, which is a luxury resort in Phuket, Thailand.

Romanova previously shared a couple of sneak peeks into her stay at the resort, including a couple of bikini photos. But just because she’s at a resort doesn’t mean she’s paused her workout routines. The model posted a video of herself working out with friend, Masha Hanson, as they completed workout routines in a glass-walled gym.

Not only that, but Kristina also shared a dramatic photo of herself wearing a long-sleeved, floor-length gown with a high thigh-slit at the beach. She wore sandals with wrap-ties that went up her ankle, as she had her hair down and wore a bracelet on her right hand. Behind her were giant rock formations, while the word “AMAN” was lit up by fire behind her. She took the opportunity to wish her fans a Merry Christmas, along with saying, “Wish you all successful year ahead full of love and happiness.”

Previously, the model interviewed with Cosmopolitan about her role in creating the Humans of Fashion Foundation and its app geared towards protecting workers in the fashion industry from sexual assault. The app also guides people and helps them document incidents and explore options on how to take action.

“A Harvard business study found that by the age of 31, 46 percent of women in America have been harassed. There have been many times I’ve been in uncomfortable situations. Men sometimes would be touchy on set or say inappropriate things. I never knew how to deal with that [early in my career]. It would have been nice to have a place to go to, someone to talk to for advice.”

Co-founder Antoniette Costa added, “Protecting your rights or getting advice shouldn’t be based on who has the money to pay for it… The silence has been broken [on sexual harassment], but what is there to do now? There has to be something to do afterwards.”

Hopefully their contributions will continue to help people in the industry find access to important information, and also the right help in times of need. And as Costa pointed out, the app helps bridge the gap between awareness and action.