Paulie Calafiore Called Out As Split Drama Escalates: Former ‘Big Brother,’ ‘Challenge’ Star’s Exes Push Back


Former Big Brother star Paulie Calafiore is still fighting back amid buzz of romance trouble, but his two ex-girlfriends are fighting back themselves. Paulie has faced cheating accusations before, and those who have followed him since his BB days know that he typically doesn’t go down without pushing back. This time, however, there appear to be receipts and some think he might be facing a losing battle in this situation.

As the Inquisitr previously detailed, rumors emerged a few days ago suggesting that Calafiore and his girlfriend Cara Maria Sorbello had split. Paulie and Cara Maria’s relationship got off to a bit of a difficult start in the sense that he was dating former Bachelor contestant Danielle Maltby at the time he met Sorbello heading into filming MTV’s Challenge series.

Paulie and Cara Maria’s romantic connection was revealed due to something Sorbello posted on social media, and that led to his split with Danielle. Since filming their initial Challenge battle together, Calafiore and Sorbello had continued to date, albeit in an “open” relationship.

Less than a week ago, Paulie and Cara Maria were sharing posts on Instagram gushing about one another. However, Danielle has been opening up about how difficult things have been since her relationship with Paulie ended and that seemed to have set off fireworks between Sorbello and Calafiore. In addition, Maltby has said that Calafiore told her he was trying to make his way back to her and that things with Sorbello were just for show, and it seems that’s where things exploded.

Things have gotten pretty crazy since all of this drama hit media outlets. Calafiore insinuated that lies were being told and he said via Twitter that he’d keep fighting for Cara Maria. He said he’d never let an ex come between them and said he fell in love hard with her.

Paulie’s additional texts have said that they had recently been planning their future together and had decided not to keep their relationship open any longer. Calafiore said that Sorbello had maintained contact with her ex Kyle just as he did with Danielle as they both had things to work through. He insists that he told Maltby to leave, but that she kept pushing and chasing him.

Additionally, Calafiore tweeted that he was never intimate with anybody but Cara Maria while they were together and that he has owned everything he did wrong. He said that he stayed in touch with Danielle in large part because she had lost 40 pounds and was suicidal over the split with him, but that she was calculated in what she did now and he insists that his love with Cara Maria was real.

As Calafiore tweeted in his defense, Maltby and Sorbello joined forces and shared receipts with Us Weekly. The lengthy piece that was just posted online shares dated photos from Cara Maria, showing times she was with Paulie and seemingly very much in a truly romantic relationship. Additionally, it shares numerous text messages exchanged between Calafiore and Maltby that support what she has said.

While Paulie may be saying on Twitter that he was telling Danielle to leave him alone and that she was chasing him, as he was falling seriously in love with Cara Maria, that’s definitely not the impression one gets from the texts Malby gave Us Weekly. Rather, the texts from June, July, August, and September give the complete opposite impression.

It could be that things changed in September and that since then, Paulie was serious about Cara Maria and wanted to fully end contact with Danielle. At least, so far, photos and texts from September through now don’t appear to have emerged from Calafiore, Maltby, or Sorbello. However, it would be tough to make the argument that either Cara Maria or Danielle should feel all that great about what was happening over the summer, even if Calafiore had an “open” relationship with Sorbello.

Where does all of this drama head next? Paulie Calafiore has his supporters on social media and plenty of people on Cara Maria Sorbello’s Instagram page are urging her to give him another chance. People are saying that Danielle Maltby is a bitter ex-girlfriend, but at the same time, Cara Maria and Danielle have a lot of supporters across social media who believe both women were wronged by Paulie. For now, it looks like everybody will have to stay tuned to see what drama emerges next with these three reality television stars.